Flea Market Haul…

Flea Market Haul… after the break…

Flea Market Haul…

I’m disgusted at the moment. I know that I shouldn’t be. What I’m experiencing is a “first-world problem.” My steak was not properly served to me. My yacht still doesn’t steer quite right. These golf clubs make too much noise when you swing them quickly. When will the Gentlemen’s Club finally expand the parking lot so I don’t have to park on the *cringe* dirt?

For the third straight week, I was blanked. Nothing. Zero. Zilch.

No rain. No unusual cold. No holidays. No obvious excuses for why the drought has continued.

The most painful aspect of all, though, is that one of the vendors kept telling me to come back so that they could pull out their PC stuff… 3 times.

Three times I was told, “Come back later, we’re still pulling stuff out.”

I’m a f**king customer, dips**t. I’ve already done that… Twice.

The first time, I waited a half hour to come back.

The next time, it was closer to an hour. I even had conversations with two other vendors just for good measure (which were quite educational, to be honest – They were nice people who were knowledgeable in their fields).

Honestly, I waited close to two hours, all told. No, two hours. I didn’t even bother going up to the vendor the first two times because I saw that they were still setting up.

I understand that “Flea Market does not equal PC game store.” That era is over. Between Gamestop and Walmart, there are how many non-steam, non-MMO titles that I’m interested in? A Walt Disney character has more fingers on their hands then that number.

Somewhere in the world, people are getting killed because they were born into a different village, worship a different god, or ‘just because.’ People are drinking dirty, filthy, toxic water because their government is corrupt and/or powerless to stop corporate contamination. Land mines. Lack of electricity. Poachers killing off animals already on the endangered list. Drug users overdosing. People being abducted, tortured and killed because they are attempting to exercise free speech or walk around outside without being completely encased in clothing from head to foot.

If I had to make a choice, I would forgo my petty complaint of lack of PC gaming deals if that meant all of the land mines in the world would stop killing innocent children, if certain religious groups would stop killing one another and attempt reconciliation, if governments started governing responsibly and start devoting more resources towards their people instead of corporations or themselves. I don’t need PC games in order to live; Clean water, though, is certainly a great benefit to have.

Yet I am complaining. As “first world” as my problem is, it still is a problem albeit a rather meaningless one.

When one of your customers wants to see your wares, it’s a pretty good idea that you honor that request and not blow them off 3 times in a row. Selling stuff… That’s how a vendor makes money, right?

All it takes is one vendor… But that vendor actually has to BE a vendor.

Here’s hoping that next week is better.


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