Flea Market Haul…

Flea Market Haul… after the break…

Flea Market Haul…


Last week saw an amazing haul: Big box software & jewel cases of quality titles at affordable prices. It was the “Triple Crown” of circumstances. Those events, sadly, do not exist every week. Just as a rollercoaster needs a “low” after every “high,” I couldn’t help but wonder when the “low” would occur with the flea market. Good times can’t last forever; All good things must eventually come to an end.

I was fairly optimistic this week, though; The weather was gorgeous and, being June, should be by now – No more cold mornings, no more raw and rainy days. The unofficial start of Summer has already come to pass and the official start of Summer is just mere weeks away. Summer! So it was delightful when I saw how robust the flea market was. The most vendors I had seen since the start of the year. There were so many customers that cars were parked, figuratively, on top of other cars. Certainly, the odds were in my favor of another good haul or, at the very least, a haul at all, right? You never know. As I’ve written before, all it takes is one vendor but you do need that one vendor…


Nothing. Yup, you read that right.


This is the world of the PC game enthusiast… Over one hundred vendors and… Nothing. Shut out.

The vendor who sold me all of the software last week wasn’t there.

The vendor who told me that he was going to dig out his PC games hasn’t been there for three weeks or so now.

The vendor who sold me the “Moebius” game and who prices his PC software very ‘competitively’ (That’s about as polite as I can write it) stated that he didn’t have time to bring his PC games this week.


STAR WARS: TIE FIGHTER (BIG BOX) – UNKNOWN: Let me explain… It didn’t contain the novella “The Steele Chronicles,” it wasn’t a CD-ROM (As much as I enjoy the 3.5″ disks… I don’t know, I want it to at least ‘feel’ playable)… I couldn’t do it. I didn’t even ask for a price. Maybe if it is there next week, I’ll consider making an offer. TIE FIGHTER is a great game and I have some nice memories of it BUT… It would be very much a “collector” purchase and not a “player” purchase.

MOON TYCOON (JEWEL CASE) – $4.00: In a world of bad options, I was tempted to go with this title. Personally, I have no hatred for the “tycoon” series of games but this particular title was both (A). A bit too expensive for how it was presented (A simple jewel case with no instruction manual)& (B). Marketed a bit too much as a kid’s title. I didn’t even make a counter-offer although I’m sure I could’ve knocked the price down to $3 dollars. It didn’t look like a horrible game but with so many other games back home that are sitting around gathering dust, I couldn’t find the will to buy it.


There was a copy of “Gun” that I saw – It had the cardboard slipcover but I already have the title and, no offense, it’s a very consolized title. Casual games aplenty. The Sims (enough said). A couple of sports games. Some really old desktop publishing graphics collections. Kids games. Cheapo adventure titles.


There’s no way to tell which weeks will be “good” for deals and which ones won’t be. The law of averages dictate that the more vendors, the greater the likelihood that you’ll find a decent-enough deal. “The greater the likelihood” does not mean “There will be.” That’s what happened this week – A lot of vendors but next to nothing in terms of deals.

And this is why you go to the flea market every week… Because during one week, there’s that one vendor who makes all of your efforts worthwhile and during those other weeks… There isn’t.

Here’s hoping that next week pans out better.


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