Flea Market Haul…

Flea Market Haul… After the Break…

Flea Market Haul…


Sunny at the beginning of the week, rainy by the end of the week. This weather trend has happened for a few weeks in a row now and, each time, I hold my breath as a result of it. Traditionally, vendors are scared off over the slightest bit of rain in the forecast. Less vendors = Less chance of a really good deal. To make matters more perilous, it is the Sunday on a holiday weekend. For some silly reason, vendors are also human beings with families and want to celebrate these holidays with their families over giving me great PC gaming sales opportunities. Go figure.

So, again, I was pleasantly surprised when I stood just outside of the flea market vending area to see that the area was more then reasonably populated. Was it as populated as last week? No. Was it populated enough for me to get my hopes up about the chance for a wonderful deal? Absolutely. Last week was a fairly nice week in terms of deals. Would this week be just as good?


QUAKE 1 / QUAKE 2 (Big Box) – $5.00 apiece: People who read my blog know that Quake 1 holds a special place in my gaming heart. Quite honestly, Quake 1 revolutionized first-person shooters forever by introducing polygon architecture and true “room-over-room” technology. Ask yourself how many FPS you’ve played where there wasn’t genuine room-over-room and polygon characters AFTER Quake 1 premiered? For $5 dollars apiece, I managed to get not just a lone QUAKE 1 in a complete big box but QUAKE 2 as well. Yes, I’ve already got both (and neither of these big boxes are going to be my playing edition) but neither in big box format and for $5 dollars apiece? Sold.

KINGPIN / DEVASTATION / DIABLO II: LORD OF DESTRUCTION / DARK FORCES 2: JEDI KNIGHT (JEWEL CASE) – $2.00 apiece: I’ve already got DF 2 but for $2 dollars? That’s a nice deal. DF 2 hasn’t aged well and suffers from having it’s engine not be open-sourced. Yet DF 2 also saw the beginning of an “official” lightsaber in the Star WArs first-person shooter games. It also featured the now classic “falling spaceship” level. That’s my “playing” copy from here on out. The other three I didn’t have until now – DEVASTATION is a FPS if I remember correctly. I remember slightly deriding it back when it first came out because it’s lead character was a visual knock-off of the rapper “Eminem” who, at the time, was immensely popular. For $2 dollars, though, I don’t care if the game has a character who is a knock-off for Elmer Fudd. KINGPIN is another FPS with a bit more of an illustrious history as it was also one of the first FPS that tried adding scripted sequences in order to give it more of a story feel. It was derided as being very graphic and and using vulgar language for it’s time. Had Half-Life 1 never come out, KINGPIN would probably get a bit more credit towards pushing the FPS genre forward in accepting lite-RPG elements to it. Finally DIABLO 2: LORD OF DESTRUCTION is sort of a throwaway to me – It’s nice to have. I won a Collector’s Edition of DIABLO II ages ago but, naturally, the Collector’s Edition didn’t have the expansion. How likely am I going to play Diablo II ever again? Not likely but at least the opportunity to play the complete game is now available to me.

DUNGEON MASTER II: THE LEGEND OF SKULLKEEP (BIG BOX) – $2.50*: I got this as a package deal and, honestly, this is the only true “collector” piece that I bought. I have no intention to play this game in the immediate future but I have played it’s predecessor all the way through and I remember playing this one as well but on another computer system (Atari). DUNGEON MASTER 1 was a “killer app” for the Atari 1040/520 ST and is often credited as extending the lifespan of the Atari brand of computers by at least a year. For $2.50, with everything complete and the box in good condition… How can you go wrong?

QUAKE II: GROUND ZERO ADD-ON (JEWEL CASE) – $2.50*: The other part of the package deal. I don’t have this but it does make wanting to re-install Quake II that much more desirable. $2.50 is a bit steep for just a jewel case (I have little doubt that I could find this title in many an unused corner of the Internet) but, again, I’ve got it now.

TRAINZ: ULTIMATE COLLECTION (JEWEL CASE) – $1.00: A complete throwaway title and meant for someone else. Still, it has enough of a crossover appeal to me that I could toy with it. It’s essentially a virtual train set.


DUKE NUKEM 3D (BIG BOX) – $5.00: Once you go QUAKE 1, sprites and non-polygon architecture just seem like last century. I really liked DUKE NUKEM 3D when it came out and I remember the astonishing amount of interactivity in the title. Toilets that flushed. Water fountains that shot out water. Light switches that really worked! The eye candy also didn’t hurt although such sentiments haven’t aged as well. Unlike QUAKE, I just couldn’t get into buying this title.

ULTIMATE QUAKE (BIG BOX) – $5.00: When you have original big boxes of QUAKE 1 and QUAKE 2… This title just couldn’t cut it. It is essentially shovelware for the first three QUAKE games. There’s nothing wrong with the title but it felt unnecessary with the two big boxes of QUAKE 1 and 2 there. Also, there was no Quake 2 in the box. So, all that you’re getting is a copy of Quake 1 & 3. No offense but I already have Quake 3 in jewel case. I couldn’t justify the cost.


I saw a Grand Theft Auto 3 & 4 for $4 dollars each. Nope. I couldn’t do it. There was also the usual Sims / kids software / casual software… Bleh.


This was a good week. A good week. No… A GREAT week. Although there were no “Holy Grails” (with the possible exception of a “Pit Droids” jewel case that I didn’t buy which I used to not have but I now have had for a few years) this week had something for everyone – Collector pieces, “Player” pieces and even those rare “collector pieces that can also still be played.” Honestly, you can’t expect anything more out of a flea market then a week like this one. These are the weeks that you dream about. OK, so Quake 1 & 2 are common titles… Still, they were big boxes. In the back of my mind, I know that these weeks are going to be less and less as time goes on. Yet it is nice to know that, occasionally, you find that one vendor that makes all of those other miserable weeks worth it.

Come to think of it, I might buy the “Pit Droids” jewel case if it pops up next week.

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