Flea Market Haul…

Flea Market Haul… after the break…

Flea Market Haul…


I’ll be honest – I didn’t have much hope for this week’s flea market. We had received ‘unsettled’ (read: on-and-off rain showers) weather during the later part of the week, culminating in straight-out rain that ended early on Saturday morning. If anything scares away vendors, it’s rain. Last week, we had gorgeous weather but it had also been preceded by rainy conditions and the result was a lackluster flea market (no offense to the Neverwinter Nights Gold that was sold with no CD Keys). This week, though, the vendors were back; From my vantage point, it looked like that this was the first week where the vendor lot was full. Maybe, out of all of those vendors, one of them would be “the vendor.”


PSYCHOTOXIC (SMALL BOX) – $1.00: I like first person shooters. I also like cheap. When you combine the two, the genre could be modern military and I’d still be hard pressed to turn the title away. The box wasn’t perfect but I don’t need a perfect box to play the game; Just the discs. The discs were good, the manual was good and the box was certainly good enough. $1.00 is a mere heartbeat away from being free. That was good enough for me.

TERMINATOR 3: WAR OF THE MACHINES (SMALL BOX) – $1.00: From the same vendor as above and the same circumstances as above. In this case, the title is more multiplayer-centric although it claims to have a single-player campaign (multiplayer with bots?). Yes, it’s a movie tie-in game (never a good sign) but it’s a first-person shooter in a decent enough box (a little more haggard the PSYCHOTOXIC was), the disc was good, the CD Key was there (always a plus) and the manual was in good shape as well (although, to be completely honest, the light grey color text in the manual is just a bit too light to be comfortable to read). All in all, for $1.00, there are far worse deals that could be made.

STAR WARS TRILOGY CD-ROM (JEWEL CASE) – $1.00: Another vendor. I gathered that this was a multi-media CD of various clips from the original trilogy of Star Wars movies and, as it turned out, I was right. Regardless, for $1.00, this wasn’t a horrible purchase. I’m guessing that pre-Disney Star Wars is going to become more valuable over the years (especially the Expanded Universe stuff) and, for $1.00, you can’t go too wrong. Granted, there was no box or manual but, sometimes, you get what you pay for. For $1.00, it wasn’t a bad deal.

CAESAR III (JEWEL CASE) – $1.00: Same vendor as the Star Wars title. I remember early on in my flea market shopping days where I turned a badly-mangled box of this title away because the box was too damaged and the game was “too old.” Yeah, I didn’t always make the best decisions back then. The purse strings are a bit looser these days and I’ve been itching to correct the mistakes of yesteryear. I got my chance today with the purchase of this real-time strategy game. It was just a jewel case (not even THE jewel case, just a generic one) but, again, for $1.00… The price to partially amend a bad decision is worth it and it got even better because…

CAESAR III INSTRUCTION MANUALĀ  – $0.25: Sometimes, the fates smile down upon you. Another vendor was selling a bunch of instruction manuals (not the games themselves) for a quarter each. Ahh… I love it when a good plan comes together. Sure, I could have downloaded the manual from elsewhere but, for twenty-five cents, the guy was basically paying me to throw away the manual for him (“Here, sir, have a quarter and go throw this into the trash for me. Thanks.”) So, for $1.25 total, I got to erase one of my earlier minor mistakes. Not bad… AND there is supposedly an open-source project going on to modernize the game so that it is fully playable on modern systems. Not bad… Not bad at all.

SNIPER: ART OF VICTORY (JEWEL CASE) – $1.00: Same vendor as the Star Wars title. Yes, the genre for the title is WWII. But it’s $1.00… And a first-person shooter. Remember what I wrote in “Psychotoxic”? Applies here. So, in the end, not a bad purchase. The jewel case version isn’t just a jewel case removed from a small box but it is a native jewel-case version meant for that format.


Honestly, there wasn’t anything that I wanted and passed up. There was a Half-Life 2 GOTY edition but that’s a Steam title and regular readers know my thoughts on Steam titles already. And… That’s it. I can’t think of a game that I saw that I wanted but couldn’t have because of price or condition or I passed it up initially and then it disappeared later on.


There were a few Star Wars titles that I already had (Jedi Academy, Jedi Outcast). The Star Wars vendor also had a Mysteries of the Sith disc but it looked like a demo disc that only had 3 missions on it. Sorry, I’ve got the genuine article. There was a big box “Flight Unlimited” that didn’t quite appeal to me. Command and Conquer: The First Decade? Got it already (although, to be honest, it was a pre-Steam version). Kids games… Casual Games… The f**king SIMS… !!!! Yeah, those types of games were there, too. The Grand Theft Auto IV was back, which was surprising because I thought that had been bought a few weeks back. Apparently, it wasn’t. Scratches: The Director’s Cut? I’m just not that into modern adventure games.


I needed this week. I needed a week where I could get some playable titles and for relatively cheap. The Caesar III purchases definitely helped lift my spirits a little (Yes, if feeling good after making such a purchase makes one emotionally shallow then an emotionally shallow fellow am I, OK?). If this week could be transplanted to all the remaining weeks, that would be very nice but I don’t think that will occur. Next week is Memorial Weekend and holiday weekends tend not to be very populated with vendors (Apparently, vendors are normal human beings who – *gasp* – go on vacation and have family lives that take priority over their vendor responsibilities). We shall see. For now, I’ll just bask in the warm glow of a guilt-free, fairly good haul for the week.

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