Flea Market Haul…

Flea Market Haul… after the break…

Flea Market Haul…


I’ve learned that, whenever it rains before a flea market, you should lower your expectations. It rained for the past three days. Sure, the skies are beautiful and sunny today, on flea market day (which is still kind of important because not many people will bother to set up a booth in the rain or with the direct threat of rain) but prior rain still scares people off for reasons I’m not really certain about. Anyway, even with good temperatures and beautiful weather, three days of prior rain took their toll on the flea market. To be fair, a few additional vendors showed up during my visit (they always tend to do) but the flea market was, by no means, bustling or bursting to the breaking point. Empty real estate abounded. So, how good would this flea market be? Would this be “the” flea market where there would be several great deals?


NEVERWINTER NIGHTS 1 GOLD (CARDBOARD JEWEL CASE) – $3.00: Without CD keys, I was robbed. If I can get CD keys so I can just play single player (I care not one bit for multiplayer), then it isn’t a horrible purchase. Not a great purchase, by any stretch, but not a horrible purchase, either. I can probably find the manual for this game online or just go without and learn via the old “trial and error.” I remember playing the original NEVERWINTER NIGHTS ages and ages ago. I didn’t get very far… Maybe out of boredom or for some other reason. I can’t remember. There’s a bajillion shovelware versions of this game floating around and, ironically, “gold” is only one step above the normal edition. At any rate, the discs were clean. Beggars can’t be choosers when the pickings are slim.


THE INTERACTIVE KLINGON (BIG BOX) – $3.00: I just couldn’t get into this title. Had this been the only title, I would’ve swallowed the price and merely walked away with a strict “collector” piece. When you switch from “player” to “collector,” the rules for purchasing a game changes. One of the questions is: “Do I really want this game at that price?” If the answer isn’t an immediate ‘yes,’ then, odds are, you don’t want it. Had the title been in pristine condition (aka a box that didn’t look like it was used as the puck for high school hockey practice), then $3 dollars would’ve been worth it. Yet, there wasn’t a whole lot of playability for the title even back during it’s prime: It was a title mostly for Star Trek completists. Good for them. I passed on it.

TABULA RASA (DVD CASE) – UNKNOWN: Dear golly… Why do people attempt to sell MMOs that are no longer in business? Why? Do they even know what they are selling? Do they care? The aged GameStop sticker on the box (To be fair, the game still had it’s cardboard slipcover and, by all accounts, was in fairly nice condition) listed it as 1 penny. Yup. That’s as much as I would’ve paid for it as well.

IRON MAN (DVD CASE) – UNKNOWN: Same vendor as the TABULA RASA game. No offense but movie tie-in games rarely play well and I’m not that much into the Iron Man franchise. Knowing the vendor, I probably could’ve offered a dollar (the vendor was selling everything cheap) and gotten it but, even if I had gotten it, what realistic chance would I have to play it? It wasn’t worth it to even offer a price.

STAR RAIDERS (BIG BOX) – $10.00: When you are contemplating the purchase of an Atari 400/800 title, you know the options are slim. The options were slim. About the only reason why I played around with the concept of even getting this was that the game was in it’s box with it’s manual. I toyed with counter-offering at $5 but decided against it. Maybe the title will be there next week… Maybe not. No lost sleep either way.


Please stop selling The Sims in all of it’s nine bajillion forms. Just stop. Stop. The Unholy Trinity of PC offerings – The Sims, Modern Military titles & children’s educational software, was in full force today. A vendor was still trying to offload their sports titles (the unholy quadrinity?). The vendor that used to sell the “Mage Knight” title wasn’t there. The Star Wars vendor wasn’t even open by the time I left. The WWII title from the DVD vendor wasn’t seen. The vendor that said that he would bring his older PC games didn’t (A part of me figured as much).


So, technically, there was no drought but one “player” title (and that’s even if I can get CD keys) does not make a flood. It doesn’t even make much beyond a trickle. Even if I had bought the Klingon title, it wouldn’t have been a stream. And as each week goes by, that is ultimately what the year has turned out to be so far… A trickle. Yes, Summer has not arrived yet but is that really an excuse when there are beautiful days like this? Let us hope that next week is better.

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