Flea Market Haul…

Flea Market Haul… after the break…

Flea Market Haul…


Except for the first week, the flea market season has been somewhat anemic in their offerings. Yes, last week was a bit of a boost but one proverbial modest rainfall does not erase the equally proverbial drought. All throughout the week, chances looked slim that this flea market would equal last week: The chance of rain on Saturday and into Sunday, the chance of rain on Sunday and lower temperatures all spelt impending disaster. Yet the rain (if there was any at all overnight) was hardly noticeable in the morning and there was no rain in the forecast for the rest of the day today. The temperatures were even a bit on the warm side. It was with somewhat of a surprise that there was an impressive number of vendors at the flea market. Maybe, just maybe, there would be a few good deals here. Maybe.


THE GODFATHER (DVD CASE) – $3.00: The fact that I got this game gives you a hint of how cruddy the flea market turned out. This was it – The only decent deal of the day. OK… The game doesn’t require Steam, is somewhat on the “playable” side as opposed to “collector” side. The manual (with serial key) was there and the disc looked fine. For $3 dollars, I could make a considerably worse deal elsewhere. Yet it is a movie tie-in game and it is in the mobster genre which is something that I am not overly enthusiastic about. Still… You take what you can get… And when there isn’t much to take… You grit your teeth and just take it.


MAGE KNIGHT: APOCALYPSE (SMALL BOX) – UNKNOWN: This title was still here from last week (the vendor who was looking for $20 for it and dropped to $15) and I toyed with asking if the man was going to be reasonable this week. Even at $10 dollars, it was going to be a steep purchase since I didn’t have any nostalgia for it or it’s genre. As it turns out, there’s not a whole lot of on-line support for it (official or otherwise). The title was there for a little while and then disappeared later on (along with a series of Dungeons and Dragons books that the vendor was also selling… A package deal, perhaps?). I have to admit to being a little perturbed that it got bought before I could ask but I doubt that the vendor changed his offer significantly. Sometimes, someone is simply willing to pay more then you. Good for them.


Geez… There wasn’t a whole lot to even comment on. That WWII title from last week was still being offered (I still didn’t bother asking for a price – Sorry, I’m just not that desperate). There was a “Sims 2” small box that got bought up at some point. Someone was being silly enough to offer an Asian-themed MMO title for $5 dollars… No thanks. The console vendor from last year (the one whom I got “Morpheus” from) was back for the first time this year but had nothing that I could see except a really old game called “Battle Chess”… Yeah, I’ll pass on that. Funnily enough, the $20 dollar “Empire at War” (yes, it’s still there but, oddly enough, the Red Baron from another vendor has been absent for the past two or so weeks) has been reduced to $17 dollars. Hah! At this rate, by 2020, that title ought to be affordable.


All it takes is one vendor for the flea market experience to be rewarding… But you do need at least one vendor. The only glimmer of hope is that a regular vendor spoke with me during the day and told me that he had some older computer games (not with him, naturally) that I might be interested in purchasing. He couldn’t remember the titles or condition that they were in, naturally. So here’s hoping that the rains hold off long enough to convince him to be there next week. As it was, I purchased one title that’s more “player” then “collector” but not by a lot and I missed out on a “player” game due to the price. For a lot of vendors, not a lot of action.

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