Flea Market Haul…

Flea Market Haul… after the break…

Flea Market Haul…


After two weeks of being shut out, you begin to wonder if the PC market is finally running dry. PC games of the pre-Steam era are finite; When they’re gone, they’re gone and, everyday, a few less of them are available. Can you really keep going to flea markets and tag sales ten years from now and find anything not related to “The Sims,” “World of Warcraft,” idiotic casual games or some stupid children’s titles? You always wonder if the window is finally closing, for real, on PC bargains.

It had rained earlier yesterday which, traditionally scares off vendors. Yet it was the first weekend after Easter and, hopefully, that meant that there would be more vendors and, more importantly, more vendors with more PC merchandise to sell. A shut out is always possible at a flea market but all it takes is one vendor…


BALDUR’S GATE 1 & 2 W/ EXPANSIONS (DVD CASE) – $4.00: I’ve already got BG1 & it’s expansion in big box and BG2 in Jewel Case CD. I’m pretty darn sure that I don’t have the Baldur’s Gate 2 Expansion (Throne of Bhaal). What I bought was a 4-in-1 DVD Case which is apparently an European import. No paper manuals (I’m presuming that they’re on the DVD themselves). The DVD case was clean and the DVDs looked clean as well. Good enough for me. $4 dollars was a bit steep for the purchase price but now I’ve got my playing copies of the game; There is no need to mess around with the big box or jewel case copies. So unless someone offers up some big boxes for BG2 and it’s expansion, I’m done with all things Baldur’s Gate for a very long while.

RAMA, HOYLE SOLITAIRE, HOYLE CARD GAMES, and three other non-game titles that slip my mind (BIG BOX) and a mess of non-game titles (Portable CD Case) – $5.00: Seriously… I couldn’t pass this one up. The guy was practically throwing the damn things away. It would have taken him more energy to haul the cardboard box that this all came in to shoulder level to heave it into a dumpster. Granted, a lot of it is mush to me and the only title that I gave a darn about, Rama, is something that I played and have some hard memories about (Too Much Information alert: I had learned that one of my favorite pets had passed on and Dad had just happened to buy this title on the same day of that news… Coincidence? I think not). Nevertheless, shrink wrapped big boxes are hard to pass up on. Very hard. I know I had passed on a Chicken Run in big box a few weeks back (something that I slightly regret now as I have not seen it since) but… Yeah, Chicken Run is looking slightly like a missed opportunity. Not a huge one (like if I had passed on Alien Crossfire in a big box, which I would never do… I mean, it’s Alien Crossfire for pete’s sake! What kind of PC gamer do you take me for?!!) but one nonetheless. Look… The other non-game titles… Especially those in the Portable CD case… Beer coasters. They came as part of the package deal. Literally, those are the discs that someone used to get when they got a new computer in the mid 90’s – early 2000’s. Printer installation, video drivers, etc. Nothing spectacular but, still, $5 dollars. $5 dollars for six big boxes. Shrink-wrapped (Except for Rama and that was sealed as well). Wow.


MAGE KNIGHT: APOCALYPSE (DVD CASE) – $20.00: Ha ha ha, silly vendors. Oh, dear Golly… Why do I bother sometimes…? OK, I’ll try to see it from their perspective. Yes, the cardboard slipcase was very nice and the DVD case was still shrink-wrapped. That’s why I gritted my teeth and counter-offered at $10 dollars. They countered for $15 dollars and that’s when I walked away. Yes, it would have been an OK grab… For $10 dollars (eBay has a mess of them for far less then that and with free shipping as well). $15? $20? Good luck with that. I just got 6 big boxes for $5 AND a mess of other non-game CDs. I’ll wait to see if this one is around next week but, if it isn’t, I’m not going to lose any sleep.

COMBAT MISSION: BEYOND OVERLORD (SMALL BOX) – UNKNOWN: Anyone who reads these posts (all none of you) knows that I have no affection for modern military titles. I just don’t. It takes a rare day for me to pay for a modern military title and this was no exception. Yes, it’s technically World War II but… Same thing. Yes, the small box was perfectly fine and there was a 200+ manual to go along with it that looked fine and the CD looked fine… But I just couldn’t. I couldn’t even ask for a price. No interest.


I can’t remember a whole lot of other new titles that I saw. There was a “Star Trek Online” that someone was selling and WHY DO THEY DO THAT? SELL ONLINE GAMES THAT HAVE CONVERTED INTO “FREE TO PLAY”?! OK, to be completely fair, I accidentally bought a big box of Dark Side of Camelot (Or was it Dark Age of Camelot? I can’t remember) but that was a mistake and I acknowledge that. Beyond the usual “The Sims,” “World of Warcraft” and other garbage titles, STO was the only one that sticks out in my mind.


The drought ended but only on a technicality. BG1 and 2 are technically playable; I know that I tried BG1 a long, long time ago but never got very far into it. The big boxes are strictly “collector” class. In hindsight, the weather trumped the fact that Easter is now in the rearview mirror. Even as I write this, the sky is cloudy, the wind is blowing and if it started to rain at this very moment, I wouldn’t wonder why because all of the other elements needed for a rain shower are in place.

Here’s hoping that the Mage Knight vendor comes to his senses next week although now that I know how cheap the title is going for online, maybe $10 dollars is a might bit much…


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