Flea Market Haul…

Flea Market Haul… after the break…

Flea Market Haul…


On paper, it was supposed to be a pretty good flea market. Unseasonably warm. Dry. No threat of rain. Heck, I didn’t even bother wearing a coat (and that’s saying something for this time of year). Yet the conditions on the ground proved anything but. There were strong gusts of wind. Warm? Not so much. Rain? As I was leaving. Cloudy. Raw. If I get a cold in the next few days, I’m pretty certain that I’ll know why.


Nothing. Yup, you read that right. Let’s be honest with each other – There are always some PC games there but there is a difference between deals and the same-old “Are you seriously selling that for $20?” offers.


ATARI 7800 CONSOLE – $15.00: I must be getting old. In fact, I’m pretty certain that I am. I didn’t even inspect the thing. To be fair, the box was fairly tattered. Pristine condition? Only if you were blind… And even then, only if you had no sense of touch. Maybe last year, I would have jumped at a deal like this. Maybe if I had inspected the console, it would have been junk. Or not. I don’t know. I had no enthusiasm for the concept of negotiating for a price. Maybe if it’s there next week, I’ll at least take a look at it.


I wrote too soon about the demise of the $20 dollar Star Wars: Empire at War game. That vendor is back. So is the game. So is the dust that is on top of the game. Sports games? Yup. A smattering of “The Sims”? It wouldn’t be a flea market without that. Modern military titles? How could there not be? The Red Baron title was also there.


A lot of vendors is never a guarantee that there will be a lot of opportunities. That’s just how the reality of the flea market works. Maybe next week.

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