Flea Market Haul…

Flea Market Haul… after the break…

Flea Market Haul…


It was clear, it was dry but it was a bit cooler then what the weather forecasters had predicted. At least it wasn’t raining. There were certainly more vendors then in the first week and all of the regular vendors were back in their normal spots this week (as opposed to the first week where everyone was shoehorned into various places because the field was too icy/wet to place vendors). These early weeks, though, are traditionally “hit-and-miss.” The first week was pretty good as far as early week hauls go; The realist in me knew that the pendulum would inevitably swing in the other direction, either with more “collector” games or simply no games at all.



LEMMINGS 2: TRIBES (BIG BOX) – $2.50*: Remember during the first week when one of the vendors that I had spoken to had mentioned that they had some older games? Well, here they are. It was a 2 for $5 dollar deal. Personally, I wasn’t thrilled with the offer but at least the vendor made an effort and the price wasn’t outrageous. 2 for $5 dollars wasn’t horrible; 2 for anything above $5 dollars would’ve elicited a different outcome. “Xargon 2″ certainly didn’t thrill me; It is a basic cardboard box with only a 3.5” disk in it and a product catalog from the publisher. I’m a little amazed that eBay is selling this title at steep prices. There was no Xargon 1 or 3 and, in all likelihood, I’ll never see those titles. As for “Lemmings 2,” that’s squarely a collector’s title but the cardboard box was in better condition and it was shrinkwrapped (I know… Big deal). It’s also a popular title that’s probably everywhere but… Hey, I’ve got it now and for fairly cheap. If I want to play the game, I’ll just download “Pingus” and pretend.

STARCRAFT 1: BATTLECHEST (BIG BOX) – $5.00: It was originally selling for $7 dollars but I brought it down to a $5 dollar price point. I’ve already got “Starcraft” (in cut-down big box, no less), I’ve already got the expansion “Brood War” in jewel case only… But I didn’t have either strategy guide and if the regular “Starcraft” box had the mega-large manual and a fold-out map, I can’t remember it. The box looked pretty good, the discs looked perfectly fine, the strategy guides and other paper looked perfectly acceptable… I think that, with this purchase, I can put the whole “Starcraft 1” collection in the category of “collected.” Short of a pristine “Brood War” big box for fairly cheap, this has been my last “Starcraft 1” purchase for a very, very, very long time.


CHICKEN RUN (BIG BOX) – $2.00: OK, so if this game isn’t there next week (or ever again), then maybe this is an ever-so-slight mistake not to purchase the title. However, to be fair, I had no enthusiasm for the title. I’ve seen the movie “Chicken Run” and while it’s a perfectly acceptable movie… I just couldn’t get behind this title. Even for $2 dollars. Even if it was a big box. Maybe if I hadn’t bought the “Lemmings / Xargon” deal, this offer might’ve looked a bit better. We shall see if I get a second chance at this title next week.

3-in-1 MacPlay Compilation (BIG BOX) – Unknown: From the same vendor as “Chicken Run.” All I needed to see was that it was an Apple game and that turned me off. The games were (If I remember correctly) Alone in the Dark 1, “Astro Chase 3D” and some other title that I’ve since forgotten. Yes, it was older and probably in good condition but… It was a Mac game. I didn’t even ask for a price.


A lot of the stuff from the first week that I had rejected was there: That expansion from “World of Warcraft,” the sports games, some silly Sims expansion… The “Red Baron” vendor made a return and, seriously, I should see what they would want for it during a slow week. I think that, now that I’ve seen the flea market during a somewhat filled event, the $20 “Star Wars: Empire at War” vendor is gone for good (and the title with it). The indoor DVD/game vendor had no new PC merchandise (they’ve got some Guild Wars stuff… Eh). The junk vendors had all of their titles from last week. A vendor had some instruction manuals and strategy guide for PC games that they did not have. Beyond that, I can’t remember anything significant, nor do I particularly care to recall any detail more refined then that.


Somewhat less productive then the first week, more “collector” then “player.” I’ll have to remember to stop back at the “Chicken Run” vendor to see if that title has survived through next week.

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