Flea Market Haul…

Flea Market Haul… after the break…

Flea Market Haul…

Another year, another flea market season. I never hold out much hope for the first few weeks of a flea market. After a Winter that has uncomfortably lingered into Spring (like Moscow uncomfortably lingering into Crimea… Oh, I’m sorry, did I just write that?), only the hardiest and most dedicated vendors and shoppers tend to populate a flea market. People are still wearing knit caps, winter jackets and gloves. There is still ice and snow upon various parts of the ground. My expectations are understandably low.


THE WITCHER 2: ASSASSINS OF KINGS (SLIM DVD CASE) – $2.00: I hesitate to call this my “Get of the Week” only because of my personal arch-nemesis when it comes to acquiring computer games… DRM, otherwise known as “Digital Rights Management,” the bane of all of those who attempt to acquire computer games legitimately. I know that CDProjekt, the people who developed the game, have since done something to take the DRM off but I am not sure to what degree. The game looks like a standard copy and has some sort of “exclusive DLC” from GameStop (you know, the store that can sell 4,000 console titles but have only 7 PC titles) which I probably won’t be able to download thanks to the exclusivity of internet activation and one-time code uses and the what-not. As for the game itself, it looked presentable. The manual was there, the installation code was there, some sort of envelope and coin trinket was there… For $2 dollars, you can’t go incredibly wrong (if the DRM allows me to actually play the game). I remember playing the first Witcher game and although I wasn’t horribly impressed, at least it was playable. We shall see with this one.

SIMCITY 4: DELUXE EDITION (LARGE DVD CASE) – $2.00: I remember vaguely from last year that I passed up on a SimCity 4 because I had mistaken it for SimCity 5 (the notorious one that requires “always on” Internet verification) so seeing this title (and as a deluxe edition, nonetheless) was pleasantly surprising. There is a written installation code on a generic installation manual so, I’m guessing, it should have come with a proper manual but didn’t. Again, for $2 dollars, this isn’t a bad purchase¬†IF I can get the game to work. As for the title itself… I’m not a huge SimCity fanatic… I’m not knowledgeable if there were more expansions beyond the “Rush Hour” expansion that this deluxe edition includes. Yet it’s a nice addition to the collection and, who knows, I might even play it at some point.

DRAGON’S LAIR 3D (SMALL BOX) – $5.00: I remember buying, at some point, a CD that contained the original Dragon’s Lair 1 & 2 (along with “Space Ace” which is, for all purposes, “Dragon’s Lair in Space”). This is apparently different but the fundamentals are the same: Same hero, same quest but the environment is presented differently (A 3d environment with cel-shaded 3D characters). The small box is gratuitous; It is simply a glorified outer-covering for a jewel case that has an insert manual. Everything was in nice condition, however, and although $5 dollars is a little on the rich side for a title that I’m not extremely excited about, I was impressed by the overall presentation given the age of the software. Had it not been in a small box, $5 dollars might have been a little too high for me. As for the game itself, I remember attempting to play Dragon’s Lair back when it was an arcade game and not being very good at it. I guess a little tiny bit of nostalgia also went into the purchase as well.


THE SIMS 3 (LARGE DVD CASE) – $5.00?: “The Sims,” to me, is the cockroach of PC gaming. Everyone, it seems, is trying to offload some version of The Sims. I have absolutely no appreciation for the series and so I didn’t even bother asking for a price. I saw “$5” on the DVD case and that was good enough for me to walk away. Had it been for $1 dollar… Who knows? Even still, “The Sims” is one of those games where there are a bajillion expansion packs and so I would probably only entertain a purchase if it was an “all-in-one” package.

COMANCHE GOLD (JEWEL CASE) – UNKNOWN: I have very little appetite for flying shooter games, especially in the modern military genre. I probably could’ve offered $1 dollar and gotten it but I had no enthusiasm for the title at all. It was only in a jewel case (in respectable condition, to be fair).


Children’s games, a few “modern military” FPS shooters, some “World of Warcraft” expansion, a really old “Wheel of Fortune” game, a few modern sports games… And that’s it. the “Star Wars” vendor from last year wasn’t open, if I remember correctly so who knows if the $20 dollar “Empire at War” was still there or not. The vendor from last year attempting to sell the Red Baron game also wasn’t there. Oh, there was also a jewel case “Max Payne 1” & “Police Quest” but they didn’t interest me (I already have Max Payne 1) although it was interesting that the Max Payne 1 looked like it was from a box as the manual was a normal-sized manual as opposed to an insert manual. That wasn’t enough for me to inquire on price.


For a first weekend… Not bad at all. All of the games are more “player” then “collector.” One vendor told me that they might bring in some older PC games in the coming weeks. That’ll be worth looking forward to.


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