Opus… after the break…


Keeping up with the Internet is a tough business.

I’ll admit it – I can’t do it anymore. I’d have to make “browsing the Internet” my daytime (and nighttime) job just to have a chance.

Case in point? Opus.

What is Opus? Opus is the successor of Ogg Vorbis (although, apparently, Ogg Vorbis isn’t dead yet – Nothing truly dies on the Internet). Ogg Vorbis was the free alternative to MP3. MP3 was the format that won out over Real Audio (remember that? Do they even still exist?). Real Audio was one of the first Internet audio formats that surpassed MIDI. And there’s a whole bunch of audio formats even before all of that…

Opus is supposed “all that a bag of chips” in the world of audio formats. I remember finding Speex back when it was new but, apparently, Speex (known for good quality despite high compression rates) is also dwarfed by Opus. Opus is supposedly like the “god mode” of audio formats… The format that is just awesome in all categories.

It’s amazing what you can still discover on the Internet when you look hard enough. Opus is an example of just that.


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