Stop Calling It “Hacking” When It Isn’t…

Stop Calling It “Hacking” When It Isn’t… after the break…

Stop Calling It “Hacking” When It Isn’t…

I get it – You’re a new, young generation. You’re feisty. You’re eager. You’re ready to get dirt underneath your fingernails… Your nose to the grindstone… Sweat on your brow… Scrapes on your knees…

You’re also as dumb as dirt.

Look… I “know” of the youthful lingo, I just don’t “understand” it.

It’s called a “ghost story,” not “creepy pasta,” OK? We (the prior generation) have already taken the liberty of creating a phrase for it (the phenomenon that is a ghost story) for you. You do not need to invent an entirely new phrase simply because… You know… “The Internet.”

Also, can all of you please stop using the word “hacking” for activities that are not related to actual tampering with computer programs and systems? Again, we (the prior generation) have generously created a word for what you wish to convey to your fellow “netizens,” and it is this:


That’s right – Every time I see “[Insert noun here]-hacking,” all that you really mean is that you are giving advice: Advice on saving money, for instance, is not “wallet-hacking” or “money hacking” or even “bank hacking” (which has an actual meaning that is somewhat nefarious). Advice on achieving a better quality of life while using the same or less amount of money is not “life-hacking.”

Heck, we even have another word if “advice” is too stodgy for you: Tip. You’ve seen the word “tip” before, as in “Travel tips,” “Computer tips,” “Health tips.”

So, please, stop using the word “hacking” as a substitute for “advice” or “tip” because there are already words for “advice” and “tip”… Mainly, “advice” and “tip.”

It’s just some helpful advice for you… Or should I call this “etiquette-hacking” or “word-hacking”?

Thank you.

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