Cursive… Stop using it…

Cursive… Stop using it… after the break…

Cursive… Stop using it…

Have you ever sang in the shower before? Maybe you have. Maybe you haven’t.

Ever sing at a kareoke bar? Sober or not-so-sober, it doesn’t matter.

Ever been in a church choir? A school choir? A public choir? Have you ever gone Christmas Caroling?

Have you ever sung at all in your life… Ever?

Odds are, you have sung at some point in your life. Don’t worry, it’s perfectly manly to admit that you have. I’m sure that Chuck Norris has sung at some point in his life and, when he did, it was the most manliest singing ever to grace the planet.

The bottom line is that you probably think that, when you sang, you sang fairly well. Not great. Not wonderful. Not “sign me up for that sweet five record deal and throw in the private jet just for fun” fantastic but, humbly, you thought that you got the job done. You didn’t fall on your face in embarrassment. Glass didn’t shatter. Dogs didn’t run and hide. You were oh-so-slightly above average… And all without taking a single singing lesson.

Well, the truth is… You suck. You suck pretty bad. At best, your singing isn’t insufferable.

Don’t be embarrassed… Practically everyone’s singing sucks until they practice day in and day out for years on end. Note the word “practice”; Practice means actively concentrating on being better at something, not just your normal life routine. I drive to work everyday but that doesn’t mean that I practice driving everyday. I blog on occasion but I don’t practice at writing better blog posts.

What does all of this have to do with writing in cursive? Well, it’s simple – You suck at writing cursive. Stop doing it.

Look, I get it – You grew up writing in cursive. That’s how you are “supposed” to write. That’s how you were taught. Cursive – For when print is too slow… Cursive – Because it looks “pretty” and “personal”…

Except for the fact that no one can read your s****y cursive writing at work. At all. Except for you. For everyone who takes the time to decipher your cursive writing as though they are attempting to crack the Enigma code before Hitler can make the A-Bomb, there’s a mailing list filled with people who can’t make heads or tails if that was supposed to be a lower-case “e” or a lower-case “i” that wasn’t dotted. Is that a “u” or an “n” or an “m” or two “e’s” or… I give up. Is that an “r” or a really poorly-formed “s”? Is that an “f” or a “p” or a…

You know what… Stop writing in cursive at work. Stop it. Stop it now. Learn the 52 characters that form the upper and lower-case print letters that is the Roman Alphabet and use them. Use them all of the time. Practice using them.

Thank you.


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