Flea Market Haul…

Flea Market Haul… after the break…

Flea Market Haul…


The weather was no different then last week and, yet, the flea market was at least a bit improved. To be fair, the market was still perilously thin of vendors compared to a mid-summer weekend but at least there was something there this week. Given that the market ends next weekend, I suppose that some of the improvement could be attributed to vendors dumping their merchandise. In the end, I bought one title that’s reasonably playable and passed on a shovelware title that I already had.


AGE OF MYTHOLOGY (DVD CASE) – $2.00: I know what you’re thinking (or not)… “Hey, didn’t Age of Mythology originally come in a small box?” Yes, it does… For the North American release. I bought the rather uncommon European version. The vendor that I bought the game from is a typical bulk buyer and I doubt that he even knew what he was selling beyond “video game.” For instance, the game was in amongst a bunch of Playstation 2 & XBOX 360 games. So how did the European version get from there to here? Who knows. Who cares – The case was fine, the manual was fine, and the discs were fine and the serial key was there. $2 dollars? Sold. Thank you. Have a nice day. As for the game itself, this somewhat fulfills an early slight regret as I had encountered this game a year or so back but the box and manual (and, presumably, the discs as well) had been waterlogged. The manual was so waterlogged that the pages stuck together. That vendor (whom I haven’t seen at all this year which is too bad because he initially had some nice stuff at great prices) had originally wanted $5 dollars for it, I tried buying it for $2, he made a counter-offer of $3 and I told him that I would have to think about it. So, this was a nice purchase in that regard. The game itself? I’m glad that it’s in my collection now but, from what I understand, there’s an expansion of the game out called “Titans” so now I will have to look for that.


BEST OF STAR WARS VOL. 1 (DVD CASE) – $10.00: Oh boy. This was from the console video game vendor a few weeks back that sold me the Klingon Honor Guard game and wasn’t too nice to me a few weeks ago as well. I guess that, this week, he was there and tried to make amends, didn’t realize he was being such a not-very-nice guy and was just in his normal attitude… I have no idea. Anyway, his sole PC game offering for this week was a shovelware title from the now very-defunct LucasArts with five of their modestly successful titles bundled in. I claimed that I already had the title (which I do and it’s a nice title, especially if you don’t have the other titles or just want a “bang-around” copy so that you don’t have to use your original copy) and told him that he could probably sell it for $10 dollars, which he agreed.


There wasn’t a whole lot of other things there… A smattering of kids’ titles… Some demo disks and operating system discs (all of which were WATERLOGGED! HELLO! Please do not take your software with you whenever you take a bath!)… A few modern military titles… Nothing that really raised much of an eyebrow.


With only one week left, I suppose that it is time to at least start thinking back about the flea market season in general. As always, I can’t complain and should be thankful for whatever it is that is out there for purchase. Unless something extraordinary happens, I’m thinking that my best purchase for the season was PHAROAH, if only because I had the foresight to buy the box separately with thehope of finding the software (which I eventually did). As for missed opportunities, I’m guessing that it’ll have to be I OF THE DRAGON for sheer obscurity value (although, to be fair, it was $5 dollars with no box or manual) or the $1 dollar MAFIA that was only missing the install disc but had the box, manual and all the other trinkets in the box. Or maybe even theĀ INDIANA JONES AND THE FATE OF ATLANTIS where I saw the software one week and the box the next. Anyway, all of this discussion is insignificant to the plight of people around the world who are suffering from plagues, typhoons, corruption and oppression. I hope that the world’s situation improves. It sucks to have all of that misery out there.


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