Flea Market Haul…

Flea Market Haul… after the break…

Flea Market Haul…


The season is winding down and, despite daylights savings time giving us some extra light at the beginning of the day, nothing can stop the reality that the season will all be over soon in a few short weeks. The lack of vendors is telling and the lack of choices was just as telling. There was only one purchase this week and, as usual, it was more on the collector side of things then on the player side.


THE PANDORA DIRECTIVE (BIG BOX) – $3.00: Beggars can’t be choosers but, for $3 dollars, you don’t mind this particular title from falling into your lap. A big box that is shrink-wrapped, sealed (and is also marked on the box “Sneak Preview Copy”), who could resist? The Tex Murphy franchise was somewhat popular in the 1990s and it was innovative in introducing first-person perspective to the adventure genre. The box is ever-so-slightly damaged but, quite frankly, that detail only concerns collectors. Pandora Directive is often considered the “best” game of the franchise although, to be fair, I remember playing a copy of “Under a Killing Moon” (the previous title in the franchise) back when it first came out and being very impressed with the graphics and gameplay at the time. All in all, a nice purchase for the price.


SOME SIERRA “ULTRA 3D PINBALL” TITLE (BIG BOX) – UNKNOWN: It was in a big box but it had been obviously opened and resealed. That, alone wasn’t enough to nullify my interests but it was, after all, a casual title. Sierra was a pioneer of a major developer/publisher generating casual games before the company was bought out and decimated. Even if the title had been a dollar… I don’t know. I’m not a pinball guy and even though it was in a big box…? It wasn’t happening.


The vendor with the Tomb Raider title from last week was back but with no new titles to offer. There was some sort of deluxe edition of Everquest II but, since that’s an online game, that quickly got passed over. The Red Baron title was there. The $20 dollar “Empire at War” was there. Kids’ games aplenty. A few modern military titles. A few expansions of The Sims. Nothing of any great significance.


Nothing can stop reality and the reality is that next week will likely not be any better then this week. The Pandora Directive purchase, to be fair, was from a new vendor so you never know. A new vendor may arrive next week with some really nice titles to unload or… Maybe not. I’m tired of gritting my teeth and purchasing collector-style games. Oh well. “First world problems,” as it is classified. Life could always be worse. Here’s hoping next week is better.


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