Flea Market Haul…

Flea Market Haul… after the break…

Flea Market Haul…


With only a scant few weeks left before the flea market closes, you can feel that the energy in the market is draining. Fewer merchants with fewer items for sale. I suppose that you could give some credit for this particular week’s paltry results because of a brief overnight shower but, with the rain having left long before sunrise and no further rain in the forecast… Well, it’s near the end of the season.

I picked up only one non-PC title as a complete curiosity only. I had the opportunity to pick up a playable title but I’ll detail all of that below.


TEMPEST 3000 (DVD CASE) – $1.00: This completely surprised the heck out of me and, for only $1 dollar, why the heck not? To describe Tempest 3000 is almost to describe the entire concept called “Nuon.” In brief, a group of former Atari employees (back when Atari really meant “Atari”) created their own company called “Nuon” (yes, that’s spelt correctly) with the premise that DVD players could easily be turned into a game console with the addition of a few specific microchips. Nuon-enhanced DVD players were DVD players with a game console riding piggyback on it. It could play games, it could play DVDs… How could it possibly miss? Except that it did because the business model of “game consoles being modified to play DVDs” worked out entirely better then “DVD player with a game console shoved into it.” Nuon went kaput and fairly fast. The end. As a result, anything Nuon-related is appropriately not very common which made this $1 dollar Nuon game title an extreme surprise to see. The game itself was in fine shape and I thank the vendor who had no idea what it was.


TOMB RAIDER: ANGEL OF DARKNESS (JEWEL CASE) – UNKNOWN: I get it – We PC gamers are the lepers of the gaming community (my sincerest apologies to the leper community before the hate mail arrives). The PC gamers know it; The gaming vendors know it. The idea, though, are for said vendors not to blatantly admit it to the gamers because… You know, the idea is to sell stuff to someone other then yourself. We are players, not addicts (well, not all of us are addicts, at any rate). Yes, even though Steam has taught PC publishers that you can lend games to PC gamers and still pretend that you’re selling it to them and DLC has taught publishers that they can string out the revenue cycle of a popular game for another 18 months or so with little threat to the all-powerful “bottom line,” the idea is to still present yourself as somewhat fair and earnest even though we both know that you are decidedly not. This console vendor didn’t and, as a result, didn’t get the sale. Next time, at least spit in the direction of courtesy, MKay? I’ve never been one to be enthused with the Tomb Raider franchise and the lack of attitude from the vendor was more then plenty to not even get me to ask for a price.


There was a really old Battle Chess game and, no offense, I can’t be bothered with more ‘clearly collectible’ games especially if you have to pay through the nose for them; Final Fantasy VII? VIII? I have no idea and I didn’t care. The Sims garbage from a number of vendors; Casual games; Kids games… The Red Baron made another appearance but I’ve had my fill of clearly collectibles for awhile; The “Mutant Penguins” never made a reappearance… I didn’t even bother checking for the $20 dollar Empire at War… I think that was it.


A part of me wants it to rain for the next few Sundays to drive the proverbial stake through the heart of this flea market season. It started out surprisingly strong but, despite a few promising weeks, it is looking more and more that it has run out of gas far sooner then it has run out of weeks. Oh well.


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