Flea Market Haul…

Flea Market Haul… after the break…

Flea Market Haul…


It was dry but, being mid-to-late Autumn, darker mornings that are colder are not conducive towards having a lot of vendors. Had it not been for the one dedicated game vendor, it would have been a very interesting (and different) result. I picked up two games (both playable although one more so then the other) and an expansion (also playable) although they didn’t come cheap. Did I overpay? Maybe…


JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH (SMALL BOX) – $6.67*: From the lone dedicated PC/console vendor, I got a “3 games for $20 dollars” deal, hence the odd amount. The vendor doesn’t deal specifically in PC games so it’s always a “take what you can get” and, from this vendor, whatever you can get isn’t going to come at too extreme of a bargain. This game had the box (a little crumpled but nothing extreme), the manual and the game so I was happy. It looks like a modern-enough adventure (not a CGI-fest like Myst 1) and, on the surface, that’s good enough for me.

STAR TREK: KLINGON HONOR GUARD (JEWEL CASE) – $6.67*: The same “3 for $20” deal as above. For some silly reason, I didn’t buy this ages ago (as in many, many years ago) when I had the chance to buy it relatively new and for relatively cheap. For not having that amazing foresight, I bought this with no box or manual which made me a bit nervous about needing a CD key or not (I have since found out that I don’t need one). It’s an older first person shooter which almost automatically grants the overall product a lot of leeway for me. The discs weren’t scratched. Personally, I would’ve liked the box and manual as well but, from this dealer, you take what you can get.

BALDUR’S GATE II: THRONE OF BHAAL (JEWEL CASE) – $6.67*: The same “3 for $20” deal as above. I’ve got BG1 & one of it’s expansions, now I have BG2 (from a previous buy) and its expansion. Again, this was just a lone jewel case and the disc wasn’t scratched. The Baldur’s Gate series is well regarded and someday, hopefully, I’ll have the chance to play it. I know that I played a little bit of BG1 a long time ago but got nowhere near close towards finishing it. It’s always nice to have the “full” game and now I do.


MUTANT PENGUINS (BIG BOX) – $3.00: Had it not been for the 3 for $20 deal, maybe I would’ve bitten on this one as well. I hate burning a vendor who’s trying to please but the game was just too old and too foreign to me. I have since learned that it’s “Lemmings crossed with Command & Conquer” but even that doesn’t make it that much more appealing to me. Yes, it was in a big box (that, to be honest, was a bit crumpled) and the price was nice but, in the end, it’s a game that is much more on the ‘collector’ side of things then ‘player.’ I like buying games that I have a halfway decent chance of playing.

DARK FORCES II: JEDI KNIGHT (DISCS ONLY) – UNKNOWN: Dear vendors – If you are going to sell a disc-based game, perhaps it might be wise to sell that game in something other then the discs themselves. At least buy some paper sleeves to place the discs in. The discs were laying bare on a table and their undersides were scratched to smithereens. I didn’t even bother asking for a price – If I want beer coasters, I can find them elsewhere for cheaper. Sad.

MEDIEVAL: TOTAL WAR (JEWEL CASE) – UNKNOWN: A dirty broken jewel case (to be fair, it was the original jewel case for the game) did not inspire to inquire further about the game despite knowing that it was a real-time strategy game. Maybe, had I not taken the 3 for $20 deal above, I would’ve asked about a price but anything over $1 dollar would’ve been too much.


The Red Baron 1 big box made a return this week & the $20 dollar Empire at War continues to gather dust. The vendor that I got the 3 for $20 deal had a fairly nice selection of games if you didn’t already have them – Elder Scrolls III, Baldur’s Gate II (both standard and collector’s edition although the CE was missing a disc), a few other standards that most PC gamers have or have played (but I can’t remember them at the moment)… OK, it wasn’t a fantastic collection (after all, I think that I got the best 3 of the lot) but at least it was something to look at.


There’s only a few weeks left before the flea market season closes for the year. It wasn’t a horrible haul this week but there was no “wow” factor either (especially for the price which, in my opinion, was still a bit steep given the titles and the conditions of those titles). A part of me wants there to be rain next week if only to sleep in, especially if the selection is going to be as such as it has been the past few weeks. However, we shall see. All it takes is one really good vendor to turn the year around.


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