Flea Market Haul…

Flea Market Haul… after the break…

Flea Market Haul…


With no rain in sight, the only obstacle for the flea market is the fact that it is October and, in October:

  • It is colder then it is warmer.
  • It is darker earlier then it is lighter.
  • The end of the flea market season is nigh.

Nevertheless, the flea market rebounded nicely this week. A few of the regular vendors were absent but, otherwise, it was fairly robust. There were sufficient PC game options and, except for one purchase¬† squarely in the “collector” camp of “player vs. collector” dilemma when buying PC games, the other two were a bit more practical in the “player” category. The end result was pleasing but not enthusiastic. At least it wasn’t pouring rain. You have to start somewhere.


OH NO! MORE LEMMINGS (BIG BOX) – $4.00: The vendor who sold me the “Lemmings” game from two weeks ago sold me this one as well and I felt a little compelled to buy it considering he had brought it especially for me. I don’t care for shrink-wrapping (vendors always think that it raises the price) but it was in otherwise great condition. $4 dollars is a bit rich for a game that is squarely in the “collector” realm of the “player vs collector” dilemma that PC game players have but I didn’t mind it too much. If anything, expansion packs tend to have more monetary value due to their rarity in relation to the main game.

THE ABYSS: INCIDENT AT EUROPA (BIG BOX) – $1.00: Is this a “Get of the Week”? I dunno. On the one hand, I bought it initially thinking that it was just some CGI “Myst”-like adventure. The box was in good condition (although the vendor was stupid enough to place the box directly on the wet ground), the disc was shrink-wrapped and all the documentation appeared to be there. With that kind of resume, at $1 dollar, there’s not much to go wrong. However, it appears to be a first-person shooter (I’m not getting my hopes up as the screenshots make it out to be decidedly Doom-like in it’s tech level) with an adventure gameplay shoehorned in. Overall, the game is playable but the uncommon nature of the title and antiquated game engine skews this towards ‘collector.’ It’s a nice catch. nonetheless.

CORSAIRS: CONQUEST AT SEA (JEWEL CASE) – $1.00: This is probably the most playable of the bunch this week… Or not. It’s certainly the most modern but, from my understanding, this is a game that has not aged well on newer Windows operating systems. Nevertheless, the $1 dollar price tag was a nice fit given that it was the only decent choice out of bunch of children’s software and that the software was all water-logged! The disc itself is shrink-wrapped which means nothing when water is involved (moisture can still build up inside the case). Yet the game is a strategy and, again, for the price, it’s not a bad purchase. There is supposedly a “Gold” edition that includes an expansion pack.


SCRIBBLENAUTS UNLIMITED (DVD CASE) – UNKNOWN: Modern games scare me because of all of their Internet-based DRM and consolized gameplay. Despite the game physically looking good (the case looked nice, the disc wasn’t scratched, et.c so forth), it looked too much like a kid’s title for me to generate any substantial interest in.

ZOO TYCOON 1 (BIG BOX) – $1.00: Maybe it was a mistake to pass this one up but I don’t think so. Yes, it’s a Sim City knock-off but, even though it was a big box, these types of games have little interest to me. This game came out with a bajillion expansion packs and, despite the novelty of buying it in it’s original big box format… There wasn’t much inspiration for me to pursue it. So I didn’t.

SIERRA CASUAL GAMES (BIG BOX) – $1.00: Before casual games became casual games, Sierra was already cranking out casual game products (and, according to the post-Sierra interviews, they were apparently some of the most profitable titles… Go figure). This title was a shrink-wrapped big box compiling the usual simple board and card games that Grandma & Grandpa have been playing for 9 kajillion years. It held absolutely no interest with me.


There was a scratched up game called “Star Defender” (I think, the name could be wrong) that wasn’t even in a jewel case but a plastic slipcase. “The Sims” – the less written, the better. The $20 dollar Star Wars Empire at War game was back (and still not sold, you connect the dots). Some WWII flying simulation that had no manual (but, to it’s credit, had the serial key). I didn’t see the “Red Baron I” box.


After a rain out, anything is an improvement. This was an improvement. Still, there wasn’t a lot in the way of playable games. It would be nice for one more good week of playable games before the flea market closes but with only a handful of weeks remaining, it’s getting more and more likely that the best weeks of the flea market has already gone by.


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