Flea Market Haul…

Flea Market Haul… after the break…

Flea Market Haul…


With no rain in sight, the flea market rebounded with an abundance of vendors. Unfortunately, an abundance of vendors often does not translate into an abundance of choices. Once more, I felt like I was compelled into the “collector” role more then the “player” role with the options given to me. Both of my choices this week veered significantly towards the “collector” end of the “collector / player” spectrum. Quite honestly, I feel that the flea market’s best days are behind it for this season and, barring some unforeseen one-time or first-time vendor, I won’t be seeing much in the way of playable games until next year.


LEMMINGS 1 (BIG BOX) – $3.00: Quite honestly, I never expected that this would be my only “real” purchase of this week. It certainly is a nice addition to my collection but, due to the 5.25″ disks, this is clearly geared towards the “collection” end of the spectrum. The box was nice, the manual and disks looked nice and the price was very reasonable. The game itself is a classic and needs little introduction to game enthusiasts. The vendor stated that he had a few more very older games that he would be interested in selling me for around the same price if he could find them. I hope that he does that.

WARCRAFT III: COLLECTOR’S EDITION (BIG BOX) – $4.00: Don’t fall off your chair in pure hatred and/or envy just yet – This was the incomplete collector’s edition (it didn’t have the game or the soundtrack) from the junk vendor a few weeks back. Normally, I don’t see these items again but, for some reason, I did. Again, the offer was $10 dollars and I told him that I would gladly pay that amount had the game and soundtrack been included. I offered $3 just for the rest of the materials, he countered with $5 and we settled on $4. I already have a complete Exclusive Gift Set of this game already so, technically, I now have a complete Collector’s Edition as well depending on where I place those two last items (the game and soundtrack). I suppose that I could pursue a spare game and soundtrack but it’s not a huge priority. Regardless, I feel that I am about 99.9% done with Warcraft III in terms of collecting.


MASTERS OF ORION II : BATTLE OF ANTARES (JEWEL CASE) – $15.00: I understand that PC gamers are the lepers of the modern-day video game playing society. If I ever decided to start collecting console games, I would be awash with options at the flea market even on the weeks with inclement weather. Yet it behooves me whenever vendors try to swindle me with blatantly overpriced choices simply because they do not deal with the category. No, sir, I am not going to pay $15 dollars for a game that is a few years shy of it’s 20th birthday. I don’t care if the jewel case is shrink-wrapped; You can’t play a shrink-wrapped game unless you unwrap it, now can you? There was no box, there was no manual and I had to hunt through your inventory of console titles to even find the title at all. He lowered the price to $12 dollars (“A 20% savings!”) and I told him that I would think about it. I didn’t tell him what I thought about it but, since I didn’t buy it, what I thought about that price is fairly clear.

FALLOUT: NEW VEGAS (DVD CASE) – UNKNOWN: It’s a steam game. I hate steam. Steam means that you can’t play the game unless Valve gives you permission as though you’re in the 1st grade and need permission from the teacher to go to the bathroom so that you can take a wee-wee. Steam games also have zero re-sell value because, in essence, you are selling a serial number more then selling a physical game; If someone has already logged that serial key into the Steam servers, you are screwed. I never asked for a price.

BATTLEGROUND 1: ARDENNES DELUXE – BULGE (BIG BOX) – $1.00: People who know me know that modern military & WWII genres are a hard sell to me unless the flea market is in a very slow week or that it’s a genre mix (such as “Weird War II” which is WWII with a sci-fi or supernatural slant) of some type. I didn’t think that this title was complete if only that there was no manual and these WWII turn-based strategy games tend to have manuals that rival the thickness and depth of a phone book. No manual, straight WWII setting but it was a strategy game… It was a toss-up but I decided against the title. If the title returns next week, maybe I’ll give it another glance.


There wasn’t too much else of any great value. People who sell The Sims… They need to be told to simply stop. Kids games. Modern Military titles. There was a broken jewel case of Ground Control 1 that greatly piqued my curiosity until I noticed that the disc was missing (“Why? Why, Zeus?! Why?!!”). I didn’t see the Voodoo Lounge title, or the $20 dollar Battlefront title (not that I really look anymore). The vendor that sold me the Dr. Brain title from last week still had all of his previous inventory so I had another crack at Panic in the Park (which I didn’t even bother to pursue). The big box Red Baron 1 was there but I didn’t pursue that.


Good weather is better then bad weather but without steady PC game vendors, each week is a crap shoot that hasn’t been turning out well lately. The one semi-reliable PC vendor lately tends to have predatory pricing. Let’s hope that next week is better.

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