Flea Market Haul…

Flea Market Haul… after the break…

Flea Market Haul…

What a waste. Seriously. If the rain had just ended a few hours earlier… Who knows how much better the market might have been? Needless to write, it was an absolutely abysmal market today and, quite frankly, the totality of dreadfulness from the last few weeks has really discouraged me. I feel as though I have seen the better part of the season already. I hope that I am wrong. Regardless, I was surprised that I made one purchase…


THE TIME WARP OF DR. BRAIN (JEWEL CASE) – $1.00: Honestly, it was the best out of a bad bunch. The sign read “50 cents” but the vendor hadn’t even bothered to take the games out of the box that they were sold in. For $1 dollar, the game is an iffy purchase at best although the disc & jewel case were in good condition (sans the rain, of course). I’m not keen on “puzzle compilation” games but it is an older Sierra title (back when Sierra was still, actually, Sierra). There was no manual or box, obviously. No one, however, can accuse me of not pumping money into the economy, though. I’m doing my part.


PANIC IN THE PARK (JEWEL CASE) – $2.00: Same vendor as above. Really, I was put into a bad mood when he pulled the “No, it’s not 50 cents each, that’s just the box that I bought them in” bit. Let me be clear – I try to be kind to the elderly because, in the generic sense, they’ve worked hard their whole lives and have contributed greatly to society. However, if you’re going to be shrewd old geezer, don’t expect leniency from the other side, either. Especially when you’ve got a box full of junk PC games and picking through them is like attempting to find the apples with the least number of worms wiggling through them. This title looked intriguing because it was made in the mid-1990s when full-motion video was all the rage. The discs looked good, it was in it’s original jewel case but there was no manual (in a double jewel case, they usually squeeze the manual down to fit into the space inside the double jewel case). At $2 dollars and no manual, I couldn’t justify the price and, since the geezer had already irked me with the bait and switch price, I figured I could do without.


The rest of the garbage is easy to list because there was hardly anything else there – It was the box o’ garbage that the vendor had that consisted of kids’ games. Really, there should be a law stating that kids’ games are banned from being re-sold. For every game marketed as a kids’ game that has a reasonable amount of appeal (like, say, Moonbase Commander) outside of the 8-year olds that they were bought for, there are a ton of kids games that would be better served as beer coasters then as actual entertainment!

Hopefully, next week is at least better weather-wise, which will bring back vendors and a bit more choice in the selection. One can only hope.

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