Flea Market Haul…

Flea Market Haul… after the break…

Flea Market Haul…

OVERALL: Lousy week. There were a lot of vendors but not a lot of choices. Seriously… I’m having a hard time deciding whether or not this week was better then last week in terms of overall value bought.


TOMB RAIDER II (JEWEL CASE) – $1.00: Yes, it’s a common title and the only reason why the franchise ever became popular is above Lara Croft’s belly button and below her chin. I suppose if I have the enhanced TR3 (“Lost Artifact”) edition, I suppose I ought to have #2 as well. For $1 dollar, it’s not a bad deal considering that it’s in the original jewel case and it has an insert manual. From that particular vendor, it was the best out of a lukewarm bunch of offerings.

STAR TREK: JUDGMENT RITES (DIRTY JEWEL CASE) – $0.50: Honestly, I wasn’t surprised that I got away with only fifty cents on this deal. The jewel case is dirty and the back of the CD had some wear on it. It was in it’s original jewel case and had a front cover but it wasn’t a insert manual. All in all, not a fantastic purchase, even for the price.

DUNE (DIRTY JEWEL CASE) – $0.50: Had this been for a dollar, I would have turned this down. The jewel case was even dirtier then the Star Trek offering, there was no front cover insert and the jewel case cover itself was broken. The CD had some wear on it. About the only positives that I can think of was that the jewel case was original and… I don’t know, it’s “Dune.” I’m guessing that it’s a strategy game? I don’t know. I’ll have to research it.


ATARI 400 HOME COMPUTER – $10.00?: Stop screaming. Yes, Anyone who reads my blog knows my affection for the Atari line of just about everything but I’m not a sucker. The outer cover was tattering (because everyone knows that when you want to preserve the outer box, you place it down onto wet grass). Everything was there but here was the key – It rattled significantly when shaken slightly. Computers are not meant to rattle. Baby Rattles rattle. Maracas are supposed to rattle. Computers? Not so much. I later saw someone carrying this around and then overheard the vendor saying that something had been sold for $10.00. This was the vendor that had the incomplete “Mafia” game from last week for $1, so the price seems within reason.

THE SIMS 1 COMPLETE EDITION (DVD CASE) – $3.00: This was how desperate I was… I actually contemplated buying this. Seriously. My thoughts at the time was that it was a complete edition, I wouldn’t have to search the lands far and wide for any expansions if (Zeus Forbid!) I tried to play this and $3 dollars is still only $3 dollars. Given the fact that the rest of the flea market had been a bust… But I couldn’t do it. It is, after all, “The Sims,” the cockroach of modern-day PC gaming.

STAR WARS: THE OLD REPUBLIC (DVD CASE) – UNKNOWN: The vendor that I got “Morpheus” and “Wargasm” from tried to pawn this off on me. It’s an MMORPG and it’s now free-to-play. No dice. Does this guy think that I’m stupid or does he just not know his siht when it comes to PC gaming?

CALL OF DUTY: BACK OPS 2 (DVD CASE) – UNKNOWN: Another game that the vendor from above tried to pawn off on me. A modern-day modern-military war game with draconian DRM. Oh… Sure… Let me break out my wallet for that. About the only saving grace is that it’s a first-person shooter. Heck… The QUAKE 4 that you had sitting in your van that supposedly doesn’t exist (“These are the only two PC games I brought this week”) is a better deal then that.


The vendor that I got “Dragon’s Lair” from and who overvalues his software was back. I didn’t bother asking for prices and noticed he still has a lot of his selection. The indoor vendor with the $20 Empires at War wasn’t even open this week. No great loss. The vendor offering the Voodoo Lounge CD-ROM wasn’t there this week… Otherwise, I probably would’ve bought it if for no other reason then it would have been the best value at the market.

Hopefully next week is better but I doubt it. The days are getting colder and rain is expected late in the week which always scares off vendors.

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