Flea Market Haul…

Flea Market Haul… after the break…

Flea Market Haul…

Yes, it would be “day 100” for those keeping count. However, I’m going to start labeling posts a bit more accurately from here on out. So, without further ado…


A lot better then last week, vendor-wise, but not necessarily better, choice-wise. In the end, I wound up with two big boxes that leans a bit heavy on the collector’s side of the collector/player scale and a jewel case that is a bit more playable (but not by much). I passed on a playable MMO collector’s edition, an incomplete small box game (VENDORS! PLEASE CHECK YOUR FCUKING GAMES BEFORE SELLING THEM, MKAY?!) and an interactive non-game Big Box CD-ROM.


ROBERT E LEE: CIVIL WAR GENERALS 1 (BIG BOX) – $2.00: The vendor who had this title was back and, given the dearth of choices overall throughout the flea market, I decided to buy it. I only bought it because it was a shrink-wrapped big box (the shrink-wrapped doesn’t mean much to me but the box was in good shape) that was a non-modern military strategy game. I’ve since learned that this game has not aged well when attempting to play it on more modern systems. I doubt I’ll even rip the shrink-wrap off but it was good price for a good value given the circumstances.

SU-27 FLANKER SQUADRON COMMANDER EDITION (BIG BOX) – $2.00: This was more of a package deal with Civil War Generals then an individual purchase. I normally would not buy a game like this but, as written before, it was a package deal and only because it was a good value (games normally do not come with a gazillion-page manual). The bar code on the box was cut off… Big deal. If the materials were otherwise incomplete, I couldn’t tell.

DELTA FORCE 1 (JEWEL CASE) – $0.50: An older first-person shooter but one that had the original jewel case, an insert manual in the jewel case with the serial key. For a mere fifty cents, this was a very good deal. I can’t claim that any of these games were “Gets of the week” but, in my mind, this game comes closest because it is the most playable.


ROLLING STONES VOODOO LOUNGE (BIG BOX) – $2.00: I’m sure that this product must be one of those eBay uber-rare $5,000 dollar discs or something… But I just wasn’t feeling it. The box was in good shape but was just a glorified case for a jewel case with insert manual. The jewel case was perfectly fine but there was nothing here that I was interested in – It’s not a game, it’s not a brand that I’m interested in… As much as there is some retro-value in full-motion video CDs of the early-to-late 1990s, I couldn’t generate the will to purchase this. Maybe if it is still there next week I’ll make another pass at it. Or not.

AION: COLLECTOR’S EDITION (SMALL METAL BOX) – UNKNOWN: The vendor that I bought the Company of Heroes from last week offered this title to me. MMORPGs just aren’t my thing – You can’t play them without a subscription and who knows if the game servers are even active. I don’t know anything about MMORPGs (except to avoid them) but I later found out that Aion is still active but now free-to-play. Was a little surprised that the game vendor even pushed this on me… Maybe they don’t know PC games as well as they claim. Knowing that I’m not going to get a great deal from that vendor, I passed and will not lose any sleep over this. So I lose out on the bonus soundtrack CD… Nope. Still not losing any sleep over passing this over.

MAFIA (SMALL BOX) – $1.00: This could’ve been a “Get of the Week.” This really could have been a nice little gem amongst a sea of mostly ‘meh’ offerings. Vendors… Listen carefully… CHECK YOUR FCUKING GAMES BEFORE OFFERING THEM FOR SALE!!! Do they have all of the discs with them? No?! Then don’t sell them!!!! Yes, I could’ve bought the box (and two of the three discs) for a dollar, but… Gah! Very annoying! I suppose it will be karma that I run across a paper sleeve set of this game in a few weeks without the box but I don’t care. Very, very disappointing. Usually, I don’t even address this with the vendors but it was such a tempting deal that I asked the vendor if they were holding Disc 1 back as a marketplace safeguard for it from being pilfered. No dice – They were just a clueless vendor who didn’t know what they were selling.


I didn’t see the $20 dollar Empire At War game at the Star Wars vendor. Didn’t search too particularly hard for it, either. There was a “Pirates of the Burning Sea” that I never even bothered inspecting because it was an MMORPG. Kids games… Why, Oh why, do people even attempt to sell this crap? Modern-day war games… A “Sims” game… The empty Warcraft III collector’s edition was no longer there (and I suspect will never be back)… A smattering of sports games… Meh.

In the end, this week was better then the last but not by as much as I had hoped. Hopefully, there will be better choices all around.

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