The Year of No Gaming… Day 093…

The Year of No Gaming… Day 093… after the break…

The Year of No Gaming… Day 093…

Who am I kidding? It’s time for…


This week was bad. “Wow” bad. Our area has today what weather forecasters like to call “unsettled weather,” which is just a fancy phrase for “We don’t know what is going to happen so, if it rains, it rains and if it doesn’t, it doesn’t.” To make matters worse, it rained during the night which usually scares off a good deal of vendors.

In other words, the vendors stayed away (for the most part) and the shoppers followed suit. Still, there was at least a ‘little’ bit of selection to deal with. So let’s get to it…


COMPANY OF HEROES 1 (DVD CASE) – $4.00: How desperate was I to buy something this week? You’re looking at it. Normally, I shy away from anything WWII nowadays but the redeeming factor was that it was a strategy game, had the manual (which had the CD key), the case wasn’t damaged and the disc looked good. This version of the game was the DVD version and not the 6-CD version. $4 dollars is a bit rich for a selection like this but, like what was written before, there wasn’t much selection at all. This was the only purchase this week but, even then, I can’t label this as a “get of the week.”


INDIANA JONES AND THE FATE OF ATLANTIS (JEWEL CASE) – UNKNOWN: This is the revenge of “karma.” Remember that guy who had all of the waterlogged games a few weeks back? He had the box and manual for this but not the game. Today, I found the jewel case of the game. Yes, I am stupid for not buying the box and manual when I had the chance. Oh well. About the only saving grace is that I’m just not that much into the game to justify the purchase. Considering that “Pharaoh” (the game where I did buy the box and game separately) has some value to me as a gamer, I’d say that not buying the box & game for this is not considered a huge mistake. Still… It would’ve been nice from a collector’s point of view.

RED BARON 1 (BIG BOX) – $8.00: The box was in nice shape, everything seemed to be there, but… I just wasn’t feeling the urge to buy. It’s an older game that requires a 3.5 disk drive and… Just on appeal. For $5 dollars, I might’ve taken a chance on it just for the collector’s notion but… The desire wasn’t there.


I have to be honest in that there wasn’t a terrible amount of background noise this week. There just weren’t enough vendors there selling PC gaming junk. The $20 dollar Empires At War was still laughably there. A few people were selling jewel cases of old Medal of Honor games (ugh… WWII stuff…). The vendor that sold me the Company of Heroes had a few other PC games of no particular interest (Pirates of the Caribbean, some older Star Wars games, other low-quality stuff).

Just an overall bad week. Hopefully, next week is better.

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