The Year of No Gaming… Day 092…

The Year of No Gaming… Day 092… after the break…

The Year of No Gaming… Day 092…

At ninety-two days, I’m a bit over one-quarter of the way through not playing any computer games for one year. Tack on the seven unofficial days just before the official start and I’m over one-quarter by a fair amount.

So, what are my impressions?

  • BOREDOM. I’m not going to sugar-coat this – Your life obtains a certain level of boredom. Gone are the days where you are a spaceship commander, ninja extraordinaire, burnt-out detective or world-famous race car driver. Computer games added color to your dull, drab life. Now that world is truly dull & drab. A part of me can’t wait for the other two hundred seventy days to be over with. I’ve acquired some pretty nifty games that I wouldn’t mind playing. Yet another part feels mainly indifferent to it all.
  • LAZINESS. Have I filled all of my new-found time with productive work? Heck no. I’m going to be a bit generous and say that  ten percent of my new-found time has been placed into productive means. “Productive means” isn’t weeding gardens, dusting shelves or something that is actually… You know, productive. “Productive means” is anything remotely constructive. For the most part, the laziness that I experienced playing computer games has transferred over to laziness in other areas – Watching television and browsing the Internet are two activities that have filled the void the most.

I’ll be honest – There is some good for not playing computer games. Not all of my time is spent in front of the television or on the Internet. Some extra paperwork has been processed. Family pets have been attended to a bit more. Low-level productive activities.

Yet a part of me is missing and I know it – The part that enjoys exploring a galaxy that doesn’t exist or commanding an army that never was.

I’m not tempted to play computer games any time soon. Yet I am hard pressed to explain what I will do with all the forthcoming extra time.


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