The Year of No Gaming… Day 086…

The Year of No Gaming… Day 086… after the break…

The Year of No Gaming… Day 086…

Still here. Still not playing games. On with the…


Despite an impressive number of vendors, there weren’t an impressive selection of gaming choices. That really is too bad; I think that I did pretty well given the constraints.


STAR CRAFT II: WINGS OF LIBERTY (SMALL BOX) – $1.00: Yeah… I know. Blizzard has such a draconian DRM attached to this title that you’re wondering why I even bothered with it. I griped about how they split the game into three titles earlier in this blog. Why get something that you don’t like? Look at the price. $1 dollar. If it works, it’ll be a nice game to play. If someone has completely ripped off the serial number…? Well, it’ll be a nice beer coaster. Also, there was no manual included with the game.

MORPHEUS (JEWEL CASE) – $2.50: I didn’t know much about the game but this was a multi-disc adventure game with a manual inside the jewel case. It’s older (late 1990s), it was intact, I didn’t know a lot about it and it was a good deal. Sold. Is it “Get of the Week” good? Not really. It was, though, a nice enough find.

WARGASM (JEWEL CASE) – $2.50: Same deal from the same vendor as MORPHEUS. I already knew about WARGASM vaguely, so the find was somewhat pleasing. While I’m not thrilled overall about 2 for $5 dollars, it was an OK deal given the lack of credible choices this week.


WARCRAFT III: COLLECTOR’S EDITION (BIG BOX) – $10.00: Before you scream bloody murder and put your fist through the monitor, let me tell you that the set was incomplete. There was no soundtrack or game so, essentially, I’m buying 4 prints, an art book & a DVD (along with a manual). I just couldn’t do it. My offer of $2 dollars was rebuffed and I had to think about it. I was going to make a final offer for $3 dollars but I decided against it. I already have Warcraft III Exclusive Gift Set which includes everything except for the art book and prints. Good enough for me.

LARRY LAFFNER ARCHIVES (SMALL BOX) – UNKNOWN: Truth be told, I’m not even sure what the actual title was on this. This appeared to be shovelware for five classic Leisure Suit Larry games. The whole appeal of this series of games were scantily-clad ladies and while there’s nothing wrong with scantily-clad ladies in computer games (there goes my future political career), the product never reached the threshold of wanting to even ask for a price. The box was merely a disc and a single sheet of paper for instructions and I’m betting that the entire product were games plus some version of DOSBox. The title disappeared at some point so someone must’ve walked away a happier guy.

STAR TREK: ARMADA (BIG BOX) – UNKNOWN: I’ll never understand why people sell computer game boxes without the games in them. Seriously… Why bother?!! First, the box wasn’t in the best of shape and then I discover that the box doesn’t even have the game in it. OK, so the box still had the manual… So what?! The vendor clearly didn’t know what he had and I wasn’t about to educate him. I’m not a fan of the title but had there been a game, I’m betting he would’ve given it to me for $1 or $2 dollars, tops. Very frustrating.

BEAST WARS: TRANSFORMERS (JEWEL CASE) – $3.00: I had initially forgotten about this title… Perhaps a telling reason for why I didn’t bother with it. $3 dollars is a lot asking for a jewel case that doesn’t even come with an insert manual. There are some titles that would justify that price – Beast Wars isn’t one of them. I remember playing the game demo many, many years ago for the sole reason that I could download and play it. I remember not being very impressed with the title.

AGE OF EMPIRES III (DVD BOX) – UNKNOWN: I call the price of this “unknown” but only because I can only vaguely recall the encounter. My best guess was that the asking price was $5 dollars but I could be mistaken. The asking price was enough for me to stop pursuing the title without me even opening it up to see what was inside. I already have the collector’s edition of this… Do I need another? Most likely not and certainly not at premium prices. Now, had this been an “Age of Empires III complete edition”? Different discussion entirely.


The vendor who liked to overprice his games (I think I bought X-Wing Alliance, Dragon’s Lair compilation and one other title from him… I forget) was back this week. OK, he’s got a nice selection of games if you already don’t own those titles but, for the most part, I do. The $20 dollar Star Wars: Empires at War is still sitting at the Star Wars vendor, gathering dust. Kids games… Bah. Why do they even bring them? Who buys them?! The vendor who had all those waterlogged PC games from last week was back but helping another vendor and didn’t have any PC games. The SimCity 4 guy wasn’t there as well as the XP Professional Upgrade vendor. In rare non-computer game news, I saw an “Art of the Dark Crystal” book but the spine was shot and half of the pages were falling out of the book as I was flipping through them. The man was pricing his other products for maximum profit and I wasn’t even interested in getting a price.

All in all, a lukewarm week. Next week is Labor Day Weekend which could either be good or bad (some vendors might have a social life or they might think of all the extra people with time on their hands). We’ll see.


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