Pale Moon Rising…

Pale Moon Rising… after the break…

Pale Moon Rising…

For anyone who is interested, “Pale Moon” is basically the “FireFox” browser without the hand holding. More importantly, it has the old javascript on/off button, just like in older Firefox versions.

Migrating to the Pale Moon browser hasn’t necessarily been effortless and pain-free but, for myself, what was the alternative? In Firefox, I needed to have a tab constantly open to the config screen so that I could turn javascript on or off as desired. Chrome? Sorry, I’m not 15 anymore and don’t feel the need to be “chic.” Explorer? Only when I’m at work and only because I have to. Opera? I don’t know… Do they even exist anymore?

I have no idea for how long I will use the Pale Moon browser. Part of that answer depends on Firefox and how long they think we all need our diapers changed by them.

It’s been a long time since I’ve changed browsers. I started off as text-based (yeah, I knew the Internet before it had pictures), then Mosaic, then Netscape, then Firefox. I’ve dabbled with other browsers from time to time – One of them might have been called Amaya, but I can’t be certain. I know that I tried Opera once that became freeware. I’ve had to use Microsoft Explorer for work because… Well, because of I.T. people and their love for all things Microsoft.

I don’t like changing browsers for the long-term, but I’m not afraid of it.

Let’s see how Pale Moon handles the Internet for awhile.


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