Firefox 23 and Javascript…

Firefox 23 and Javascript… after the break…

Firefox 23 and Javascript…

I live in an age of diminishing returns.

You used to be able to walk into a computer game store, buy a computer game, walk home, install it onto your computer and play it.

No more.

The powers that be have now forced us into an age where boxes have been banished, discs are dead, and the Internet is required to install and play your games. Mind you, consoles still have their pretty boxes, their extravagant manuals, their cartridges and discs that require no Internet Interference to enjoy… But not for PC games. We’re all pirates, remember?

You used to be able to turn Javascript off on the Firefox browser with the simple click of a mouse.

No more.

The powers that be have now forced us to enter “about:config,” find “javascript.enabled” and then click on it to read “false.”


Because, apparently, too many people are too stupid to turn the option off and on as appropriate. It’s the old “less is more” swindle that a lot of organizations pull when they try to convince you that the price of chocolate is going down when, instead, it is going up. Just keep shouting lies and, eventually, the morons will fall in line.

Why disable Javascript? For the same reason why I rarely turn on cookies or even dabble with Java – Security. I like the ability of being in control of my software. There was a time when software was your friend, not your dictator. We live now in an age of auto-updating & hand-holding… Of corporations and organizations forcing us to perform activities “for our own good.” No… For their own good.

The apologists have already begun their barrage… Just use NoScript! No… Why should I add more bulk to my browser when I don’t have to? There was a button and it was useful. It Breaks the Web Experience! No, it breaks YOUR web experience. Mine is perfectly fine without the flash and pizazz. Whenever I truly need (and/or trust) javascript, I turn it on. Whenever I don’t… I don’t. When did Firefox lose sight of “The customer is always right?”

I’m giving Firefox one version (version 24) to switch back. Then… It’s onto another browser. One that doesn’t insult the intelligence of it’s users.


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