The Year of No Gaming… Day 072…

The Year of No Gaming… Day 072… after the break…

The Year of No Gaming… Day 072…

There’s nothing much to report except for…


All I can say is… Wow. What a haul. While none of them were on my “Holy Grail” list, it was still an impressive haul nonetheless…

  • CIVILIZATION III: COMPLETE (SMALL BOX) – $5.00: This started out as $15 dollars a few weeks back. Then it was knocked down to $10 dollars a week or so later and then I didn’t see the vendor until today. I was amazed that this title had been knocked down to $5 dollars. At $5 dollars, this was a bargain. It’s complete and sealed (I don’t care much about the ‘sealed’ part… You have to unseal it to play it). This might have been a contender for “Get of the Week” except for…
  • HEROES OF MIGHT AND MAGIC V (DVD CASE) – $5.00: First time vendor as far as I can remember. What is interesting about this particular game (not the title, the game itself) is that it is an European import (the vendor lived in England for a few years). The price was $8 dollar but, surprisingly enough, accepted $5 dollars for it. Sold. As for the title itself, I’m not a huge fan of the franchise and I know that there are a few expansions that came out for it but $5 dollar for the core game isn’t so bad. This could also have been the “Get of the Week” except for…
  • FAR CRY 1 (SMALL BOX) – $1.00: UPDATE – I found the manual! As it turned out, it had slipped in between the small box and the cardboard lining inside! It has the CD KEY and everything! Awesome. It makes this purchase even better (mainly because of the CD KEY). Back to the original section (now slightly outdated): I love vendors who don’t understand what they have or don’t particularly care. I already have FAR CRY 1 in jewel case, so grabbing the small box (which is literally just the box itself, no manual unfortunately) is sort of an upgrade. There was no CD KEY with it but I’m not certain if the original version of FAR CRY 1 had a CD KEY check or not. My earlier FAR CRY purchase had a CD KEY check but that was a “GOTY”-type edition.
  • RISE OF NATIONS: THRONES & PATRIOTS (SMALL BOX) – $1.00: From the same vendor as above, this small box had everything – Game, box & manual. A good deal as far as I’m concerned. I already have the original game and it was nice to finally get the expansion as well. The downside from all of this is that I still don’t have the manual for the core game (when I bought the core game, it accidentally included the expansion manual, not the original one). Nevertheless, this was a great purchase at a great price. Yet…
  • PHARAOH (JEWEL CASE) – $1.00: This is karma, baby. I remember buying the big box (sans game) quite a few weeks back and what an investment that turned out to be! I essentially bought a complete big box of the original PHARAOH for $2 dollars! Wow. I’m still amazed over that fact. OK, so I don’t have any of the CLEOPATRA expansion for this game (I also don’t have the POSEIDON expansion for ZEUS, either) but this is pretty amazing – Find the box sans game one time, find the game without the box another. This is my “Get of the Week.”


  • FALLOUT 1 & 2 (CARDBOARD JEWEL CASE) – $1.00: OK… This is a toss-up. I’ve got both F1 & F2 and… those games ARE classics. I don’t know… Ask me this again in five minutes and maybe I’ll switch my answer. I like the franchise, but… Wow. A toss-up. Maybe if the guy is back next week, I’ll buy it. After all, it was for a dollar and it’d make a great back-up, if nothing else.
  • DARK AGE OF CAMELOT (JEWEL CASE) – UNKNOWN: Already bought the big box (accidentally). Don’t need a jewel case of a game that you can’t play (It’s an online game).

Other then that, there was nothing that I even remotely considered. The “blue tarp” vendor was back (the Civ III purchase) but didn’t have anything new. The $1 dollar vendor guy also had a copy of Half-Life 2 in small box but HL2 is a Steam title so it is essentially worthless. The $20 dollar “Star Wars Empire At War” title was still floating around (“Gee? You haven’t sold that yet?”). There was the usual background noise that I don’t pay close attention to.

All in all, though… Very solid week. If only all such weeks were like that.


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