The Year of No Gaming… Day 071…

The Year of No Gaming… Day 071… after the break…

The Year of No Gaming… Day 071…

Truth be told… I don’t have much to add from yesterday. I do, though, have a very nice haul from the thrift store today and that is what I going to write about.


This is why I go to the thrift store once a week.

ZEUS (JEWEL CASE) – $2.00: It’s an older “city-building” strategy game but it’s a nice one. So, I now have the box & manual for Pharaoh but no game and I have the jewel case for Zeus but no manual (see below).

CIVILIZATION II: GOLD EDITION (JEWEL CASE) – $2.00: I’m pretty sure that I don’t have Civ II in any flavor yet. Now I do. It would have been nicer had it been more complete but I digress. I still think that Civ IV is a very nice Civ & that Alpha Centauri / Alien Crossfire are the best Sid Meier “God” games because they don’t have to reconcile how ancient archers would fare against modern bombers.

WINDOWS 95 OS (JEWEL CASE) – $2.00: A bit of a silly purchase but… Well, I own enough older games that you never know when you’ll need another PC machine and when that machine will need another OS or maybe I can get a virtual machine but need the OS… For $2 dollars, I have a copy of Win95. That’s the take away.

BALDUR’S GATE 2: SHADOWS OF AHN (JEWEL CASE) – $2.00: In terms of sheer value, I suppose this is my “Get of the Day.” It’s only a jewel case but it has all 4 discs. Good for me if I ever want to play a sprite-based, isometric old-school RPG. I understand that there are a few modernization projects out there that require a copy of the original game to utilize. Once June 1, 2014, rolls around, I may well do just that.

And finally…

I was fortunate to have a tag sale occur just up the road from where I live. For the most part, it was all a bunch of non-PC gaming (or any other gaming) stuff which didn’t interest me a whole lot… Until…

ZEUS MANUAL PLUS MAP – $1.00: Seriously, sometimes, these coincidences just happen. They were selling the manual and map for the game I had just bought only an hour or so earlier. How freaky is that? They weren’t selling the game, mind you… Just the manual and the map. For $1 dollar. OK. Here’s the dollar.

So… In conclusion…

Had this been a “FLEA MARKET HAUL”… Eh. I don’t know. It wouldn’t have been too bad. I expect a bit more from the flea market. I think that Zeus, thanks to the manual, is actually the “get of the thrift store” rather then BGII. I’m sure die-hard RPG fans would strongly disagree with that but you can’t beat the value of Game + Manual + Map… The only thing from Zeus that I don’t have is the box and, in the grand scheme of things… I like boxes but you can’t play a box (*cough*Pharaoh*cough*). I’m sure I can download the manual from someplace.

Normally, I can’t wait for tomorrow but now I really can’t wait for tomorrow.


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