The Year of No Gaming… Day 065…

The Year of No Gaming… Day 065… after the break…

The Year of No Gaming… Day 065…

Still not gaming. Not much in the way of temptation. But enough about that, it’s time for…


This week was much improved over prior weeks. More vendors, more options. Here we go:


  • WARCRAFT III EXCLUSIVE GIFT SET (COMPLETE) – $3.50: I was seriously not interested in getting this at first. I already had Warcraft III in two distinct flavors (Battlechest and Regular Big Box) and this didn’t set off any burning desire. Initially, the box was not complete and was missing the Warcraft III CD (along with the cinematic DVD) which meant no deal. However, I eventually found the disc in another box. Bang. Now you’ve got my interest. The initial offer was for $5 dollars but got lowered to $3.50. Good enough for me. A complete “collector’s” box… Not shabby.
  • WARCRAFT III EXPANSION: FROZEN THRONE (SMALL BOX) – $3.50: I *might* have this already in small box but I can’t remember. I know I have it as part of the Battlechest. This was from the same vendor as the Warcraft III exclusive gift set. Nevertheless, a complete small box for $3.50 is not a bad deal at all. I’ve had far worse deals.
  • SACRIFICE (JEWEL CASE ONLY) – $1.00: You would think that a Warcraft III Exclusive Gift Set for $3.50 would be my “GET OF THE WEEK” but it is not. This game is my “GET OF THE WEEK.” Why? Because I do not have it in any form, is playable if I wanted to play it today (which I do not – See title of my post about The Year of No Gaming) and is somewhat not common in the pantheon of gaming and… Oh, yes, it was for $1 dollar. Even at Jewel Case level, this is my GET OF THE WEEK.
  • MARBLE DROP (JEWEL CASE ONLY) – $1.00: I’ve seen the eBay listings where everyone is selling this game for $9 trillion dollars or some silly amount. I didn’t get it for that reason – I just thought that it was a neat older game in the vein of “Incredible Machines” and all of that. I also didn’t have this title yet. For $1 dollar, you can’t go wrong and I didn’t.
  • COMMAND & CONQUER GENERALS: DELUXE EDITION (JEWEL CASE ONLY) – $1.00: This is probably an ever so slight slip-up on my part. I already have this in the “First Decade” compilation package (non-steam – hah!) and I have a stand-alone small box of C&C Generals. Yet for $1 dollar, I don’t think it’s a horrible deal – I don’t have to open either the compilation or the small box to get all of the C&C General game. Will I ever play this? I don’t know. If I ever play this, though, these are my go-to discs for that.


  • ROLLERCOASTER TYCOON 1 (BIG BOX, COMPLETE) – $5.00: I just couldn’t do it. Initially, I wanted to but… It’s not really my genre. This title eventually went to someone else for $4 dollars. Good for them.
  • SPIDERMAN (JEWEL CASE ONLY) – UNKNOWN: Was this my “I of the Dragon” missed opportunity of this week? I don’t think so. I’m not a huge Spiderman fan. I haven’t researched the game to see if I missed out on some “Babe Ruth $5 billion dollar baseball card” rarity but I don’t think that I have. The only reason why I remember this was that it was unique enough to pique my curiosity for a moment. Some guy bought this and a whole lot of other flotsam and jetsam for $10 dollars. Good for them.
  • WING COMMANDER: PROPHECY (JEWEL CASE ONLY) – $1.00: I already have this in jewel case only. I didn’t feel like buying another copy. I hope it finds a good home elsewhere.

There was a whole lot of background noise this week. The place that I bought the Warcraft III stuff had a bunch of flotsam and jetsam PC games that I might have been interested in if I didn’t have them already. Probably the only one of significance was “Arcanum” in jewel case only. Got it already in original big box. Thanks all the same. I think that the vendor where I missed out on the “I of the Dragon” was back but they didn’t have anything new and I didn’t even realize it was them until I had left (the FEAR 1 small box & GHOST RECON small box sparked my memory afterwards). Generally speaking, I don’t feel like I missed out on anything big. The people who I got the King’s Quest VII & Age of Empires II Gold weren’t there again.


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