The Year of No Gaming… Day 058…

The Year of No Gaming… Day 058… after the break…

The Year of No Gaming… Day 058…

Still here. Still alive. Still not playing games. I guess that is everything in a nice, short summary. On to…


Nothing. Really. I didn’t buy a single game. The flea market just has not been at full strength for the last 4+ weeks which is rather odd. Is it the summer heat? Is everyone taking their summer vacations? I have no idea.

Before I try to forget about the miserable flea market haul that was, here are the things that I passed on:

UNREAL TOURNAMENT 2004 (Cardboard CD Case) – Unknown price: There was definite water damage on part of the case which made it impossible to remove the CDs. Ugh. After about five minutes of trying to get the sliding part of the case to pull out, I gave up.

ASSORTED WWII JUNK: Ugh. Why… Why do people sell these cockroaches of gaming? Who buys them? Why do they buy them? I suppose that, if you are desperate for something resembling a real game, you would buy them. I know that it resembles elitism but people really need to stop selling WW2 games. Just stop.

INTELLIVISION 1 & 2 CONSOLES (IN BOX) – $50 each: I don’t hate Intellivision but, if you are going to tap up the box & sell the consoles for $50 dollars each, I want to make sure that the consoles work. That’s the whole point of electronics. To be fair, the boxes were in good shape. I’m not paying $50 dollars for a box, though.

BATTLEFIELD 2 – Some Expansion Pack (DVD Case) – Unknown price: I don’t have Battlefield 2 and don’t intend to because modern warfare just isn’t my preference. Therefore, an expansion to a modern warfare game doesn’t excite me too much.

All in all, it was a miserable week for game selection. I suppose that if you didn’t have some titles like “Fables: The Lost Chapters” or “Sid Meier’s Pirates!” (part of the background noise for me only because I already have those titles) then your selection was greatly expanded. Hopefully, next week yields a better result.


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