The Year of No Gaming… Day 051…

The Year of No Gaming… Day 051… after the break…

The Year of No Gaming… Day 051…

New day, same lethargic enthusiasm.


Overall, not a horrible week but I did make one small slip up.


  • AGE OF EMPIRES II: GOLD EDITION (SMALL BOX) – $10.00: The $10 dollar price tag prevents this from being the “get of the week” but $10 dollars isn’t a horrible price, either. The box was sealed (a feature that drove the price up) but I didn’t have any of the Age of Empire II franchise, I was getting it all in one fell swoop so I thought that it was a fairly good deal.
  • KING’S QUEST VII (LARGE BOX) – $5.00: This was the same box from last week but the price had been lowered to $5. At $5 dollars, based upon the large box and the completeness of the package, it becomes a heritage buy. I’ve already got a copy but it’s great to have another copy and this was the “castle” cover art (which I’m pretty sure I didn’t have) as opposed to the “villain” cover art (which I’m pretty sure that I did have).


  • I OF THE DRAGON (CD ONLY) – $5.00: In hindsight, this was a minor mistake to pass this title up. However, at the time, it was an unknown title to me and it was a CD only. It was a clear CD case with only a front insert (not a manual CD insert) and, for all I knew, it wasn’t even the original CD case. Having since seen pictures of the complete package, though, it looks as though this is how the game was packaged. I’m always hesitant in buying CD only games because of CD keys that are hidden in manuals or in some portion of the DVD case. Now having performed some research, this seems to be an uncommon title that has a bit of a cult following. Had this even had a manual with it, I would have made a serious consideration of the title. Had this been with a box, this probably would have been a purchase.
  • CIVILIZATION III COMPLETE (SMALL BOX) – $15.00: I like the Civilization franchise but $15 dollars is a bit too rich for me. What drove the price up was that it was sealed which, quite frankly, doesn’t matter to me. Civ 3 is as common as dirt and it wouldn’t even register as a collector’s item except for it’s condition (certainly not for rarity). I’ve already got Civ 4 “virtually complete edition.” In the end, the price was too high. If it’s there next week for $10 dollars…? Who knows.
  • SID MEIER’S PIRATES! (SMALL BOX) – $15.00: I’ve already got this title in complete small box format. It’s a very nice title. $15 dollars for another copy of this title just didn’t appeal to me, though. As the saying goes, though, “Your mileage may vary.”
  • WARHAMMER: SHADOW OF THE HORNED RAT (LARGE BOX) – $5.00: This was the same box as from last week. Despite the price drop, I just couldn’t wrap my mind around purchasing this title because (A). I’m just not huge on the Warhammer franchise, (B). No manual & (C). Not original CD case. I appreciate that this title has some very vocal fans but it really is the franchise and the no manual that are huge sticking points for me.

Other then that, nothing was truly impressive to me. Lemonade Tycoon is still making an appearance. There was a CD case only Thief 2 that, for $5 dollars, didn’t really appeal to me (I’ve got that title already). Battlefield 2… Eh. Children’s titles. FEAR 1 for $5 dollars in box? It’s a nice title but I’ve already got it. The vendor with the large Commodore 64/128 stash wasn’t there this week. It looked as the Star Wars: Empire at War Gold for $20 wasn’t there this week.

In the end, what sticks out in my mind is the minor slip up with “I of the Dragon” but I won’t be losing sleep over it because I didn’t know about it at the time and it was CD only.


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