The Year of No Gaming… Day 048…

The Year of No Gaming… Day 048… after the break…

The Year of No Gaming… Day 048…

My enthusiasm for my personal project is still at rock bottom. On the plus side, I just filled out a job application for a position at a place that I have wanted to work at for awhile. It all evens out.

The weather outside can stop being broiling hot if it wants to. No pressure.


As much as arcade games have become obsolete, the one aspect of arcade games that I miss is the camaraderie of fellow arcade gamers. I remember being swept up in the popularity of “Street Fighter II.” I remember the nights when everyone would be crowded around this lone arcade machine, watching people play. They’d offer advice and otherwise helpful commentary on the matches. There was a spirit of togetherness and mutual respect. No one was mean spirited. We all wanted to beat Bison, the main bad guy at the very end. I remember one time in particular walking in to the lobby and just seeing twenty people huddled around the arcade machine, nearly dead quiet except for the sounds from the arcade machine. It was the early fall so the nights were still warm. There were no worries back then except for the simple concerns of winning and losing at an arcade machine. How silly it was to be so concerned at beating a video game opponent. How utterly trivial. I still miss those experiences, though, trivial or silly or otherwise.


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