Solarix… after the break…


I was all set to write a “The Year of No Gaming…” segment until I saw a video playthrough of a computer game in development called “Solarix.”

Someone of a higher authority is clearly trying to tempt me to break my pledge of no game playing for a year.

“Solarix” may best be described as a cross-between of “System Shock 2” and “Thief 2.” Quite simply, the game looks as though it comes from an alternate dimension where Looking Glass Technologies never closes and only goes on to make hardcore PC games. It has the “mission structure” and game play of Thief but the setting and RPG mechanics of System Shock.

Wow. Just… Wow.

I like the alpha playthrough video of “Routine” from Lunar Software. Don’t get me wrong – That game looks swell and also looks worthy of an actual ‘spiritual successor’ of the System Shock series. I hope that game isn’t dumbed down for the console kiddies and is release on a format that doesn’t presume that you’re guilty before proven innocent (*cough*Steam*cough*). Yet “Routine” is very much in the “System Shock” camp – That is it’s ‘flavor.’

“Solarix” is essentially “Thief 1/2” in outer space with just enough “System Shock” thrown in to shock the system… All with fairly updated graphics. Seasoned gamers may detect a bit of “Deus Ex” flavoring in some of the graphics and mechanics which, if anything, merely adds value to the overall presentation.

PulseTense Games, the developers for this game, should be proud of their effort. If it plays as well as it presents, then “Solarix” could, quite honestly, be the best of both worlds – A worthy spiritual successor to both the System Shock as well as Thief franchises. Don’t get me wrong – The Dark Mod is more “Thief” than “Thief 4” (or, for that matter, “Thief 3”) and I wish it only great success in the ongoing years. I have played that game often and, on June 1, 2014, I’ll be mighty tempted to play it again.

Yet Solarix simply exudes that old-fashioned, hardcore PC flavor missing from so many AAA-titled games. It looks the part. It acts the part. It appears to not pander to the console crowd.

I’m glad that I live in an era where The Dark Mod exists. I’m glad that I live in an era where “Pandora: First Contact” is being worked on and will likely exist. Now, I’m glad that “Solarix” exists at least in an unpolished state and could very well be available for retail in a polished one.


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