The Year of No Gaming… Day 043…

The Year of No Gaming… Day 043… after the break…

The Year of No Gaming… Day 043…

On some days, I’m motivated to work on my personal project. On others… Not so much. Today was one of those days.

On days when hands are at their most idle, wandering minds wander quite easily towards gaming. Fortunately, gaming requires effort and effort was in short supply for all activities, not just my personal project. It would have been nice to have been productive in something, though. Oh well, another few hours left – Perhaps I can motivate myself to work on something…


It is embarrassing, at times, to admit the number of missed opportunities in purchasing games. Yes, purchasing games is trivial in the grand scheme of things – People die everyday of landmines left over from wars long since past. Malnutrition. Government corruption. Environmental waste causing birth defects. Government instability. Floods. Tornadoes. Disease. Death. Reality television.

I get it – Whining about missed opportunities to score some really nice deals on computer games is trivial at best… But I’m going to do just that anyway. Your blog = Complain about the grand miseries of human existence. My blog = Complain about the sweet “mint-in-box for $2 dollars” game that I passed up because of some stupid reason that I can’t even comprehend anymore. Yes, complaining about landmines and education for females in places where education for females is not a given makes your blog superior to mine. The end.

Today I’m going to focus on passing up the chance to buy “Warzone 2100,” mint-condition box, for $2 dollars. Fine, go ahead and scream it… “WHAT WERE YOU THINKING??!!?!

The best that I could recollect was that I had already bought about 10+ “mint-in-box” games from that vendor a week or two prior. I was tapped out monetarily. I wasn’t interested in a $2 dollar purchase for an RTS (a genre that I really wasn’t into at that point) that you could download legitimately for free. Yes, it was a stupid series of reasons that I now completely regret. The logical part of my brain won, asking me such stifling questions like, “Just what ARE you going to do with this game except to flip through the manual, giggle that you have a mint-in-box copy, put that game box in a larger box and then hide that box away amongst all of the other boxes of games that you hardly, if ever, play?” If you’re not a die-hard collector of games, that’s a tough question to answer without the logical part of your brain giving you constant Sideways Glances of Shame until the next World Cup commences.

I know that I should remember the games that I possess and not the ones that I do not. I’ve got some rather valuable games (if eBay is any indication) in my possession. It is hard not to at least glance down the road not traveled.


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