The Year of No Gaming… Day 041…

The Year of No Gaming… Day 041… after the break…

The Year of No Gaming… Day 041…

The “hard part” of any project is the unknown, the activities that you have never personally performed before. Some people are thrilled at exploring the unknown. Myself? Not so much. I’ve much preferred the well-traveled path most of my life. It may be dull but that well-traveled path has kept me safe. Unfortunately, safety is rarely the path towards bountiful or fulfilling prosperity. Even by conservative standards, it is high time for myself to travel beyond my comfort zone. These “personal projects” of mine intend to push me far from that well-traveled path I enjoy traversing so often.

As a result of my explorations into the unknown, I’ve acquired some arcane factoids that might be second-nature to the audience but are fairly new to me. One recent pro-tip that I’ve learned: To increase the “DPI” (dots per inch) of a digital photograph or picture, create the photograph or picture as large as possible and then shrink that picture down proportionately. Nifty, huh? And to think that I was attempting to increase the DPI in exactly the opposite fashion this entire time.


Reality hurts and brilliance is always hindsight and rarely anything else. There are so many good gaming deals that I have passed on over the years that I cringe to this day thinking back on a few of them. At the time, of course, I always thought that I had a fairly good rationale for turning away: Nowadays, my standards are different.

Several years ago (well over a decade, at this point), I could have bought an Atari Jaguar, new, in the box, for $50 dollars. Complete. Didn’t buy it.

The rationale part of my brain is probably very happy. I would have played it a few times, giggled to myself, and then put it back into the box. $50 dollars wasted on a rarely-used toy.

The nostalgic part of my brain hasn’t let me forget that moment yet. I probably won’t forget it until I die.

There are some purchases in life that I was happy not in ever acquiring. This ain’t one of them. A part of me is happy that I have one less box cluttering up my living space. If only the rest of me could go along with that argument.


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