The Year of No Gaming… Day 037…

The Year of No Gaming… Day 037… after the break…

The Year of No Gaming… Day 037…

The return to normalcy technically began yesterday but, realistically, begins today. Today is the first “sunrise-to-sunset” day of normalcy I have had in a while. This also means that work on my PP #02 is recommencing. The largest mental obstacle is to not set my sights too high; My skill set is limited, learning a new trade is never easy & I have to mentally prepare myself for the final product to be… Less-than-perfect… By a lot. Mistakes will be made. A lot.


We didn’t get rain but we got heat and humidity instead. The heat and humidity had the exact same effect as rain by keeping a lot of vendors away! Still, there were some bargains to be had.

  • GHOST MASTER – $1.00: It was only a jewel case but this was the “Get of the week.” I can remember being in a video game store ages ago and handling the box for this game, debating whether to buy it or not. I would have preferred a box and manual as well but beggars can’t be choosers, especially in the PC gaming world where publishers have convinced the kiddies that 1’s and 0’s are all that they need. I’ll still look for a boxed copy of this.
  • SIM EARTH – $1.00: From the same vendor as “Ghost Master,” just a jewel case. This was a “Why not?” purchase. I may even have another copy of this floating around somewhere. There’s a bajillion copies of this title floating around and that’s why I wasn’t too upset at the $1 dollar price point, especially for a very common title in jewel case only.
  • MAX PAYNE 2 – $3.00: On any normal week, a shrink-wrapped boxed game would probably be the “get of the week” (especially for $3 dollars) but I bought this title merely because it was shrinkwrapped and complete. I have no love for the Max Payne series (no hate, either) but, as I’ve written before, we’re past the point in PC game buying where beggars can be choosers.


  • DOOM 3 – Unknown Price: I already have this title (regular edition, not BFG) and it was a jewel case only. I hope that this finds a good home elsewhere. It’s a far better title then people give it credit for.
  • Half-Life 1 & Price of Persia 3D – $3 dollars apiece: Half-Life 1 is a bona fide classic but $3 dollars for a jewel case on a title that is as common as dirt is a bit steep. Prince of Persia 3D would have been a buy (even though it was also a jewel case only) except that I already have a boxed copy elsewhere and feel no exquisite love for the title (It was a lot better then it’s detractors made it out to be but I’m not building a shrine for it, either).
  • A whole bunch of Everquest Crap – “$20 bucks for the whole box”: Can you even play this garbage without being on a server? Probably not. Even if I could, I have no love for MMORPGs. Last I remember, there’s no single player value to these titles.

There was also the usual background noise items that I’ve seen before: The Sims 1/2/whatever # they’re on nowadays, a lot of kid’s software, Battlefield 2, Lemonade Tycoon 2… The vendor offering the Zoo Tycoon title from a few weeks back didn’t have it so someone must have bought it? The vendor with Star Wars: Empire at War was still trying to pawn it off as though it were made out of gold.

Hopefully, next week is a little cooler and less humid.


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