The Year of No Gaming… Day 031…

The Year of No Gaming… Day 031… after the break…

The Year of No Gaming… Day 031…

It’s been officially one month since I started my computer gaming embargo. There have been near slips along the way and a few days that have been very unproductive. Count this day as one of them – That’s just the way some days are. Not every day will be a golden opportunity to make significant headway on my personal projects.

At the one month mark, I have to honestly say that resisting playing computer games has been far easier then I thought that it would be. The hectic Summer schedule has something to do with it; Maturity also plays a part as well. If not for outside interference, I dare say that my record for resisting computer games would be spotless.

For the next few days, there will be no significant progress on my personal projects. That’s just how life is; The only way to curb that would be to become a friendless, family-less hermit and that’s too steep a price to pay for consistent free time. The project isn’t going anywhere and neither am I.


Anyone who has read the blog knows that I am a fan of the TRON 2.0 computer game. Needless to say, throwing an energy disc (memory disc?) for the first time was just an unbelievable nostalgic feeling. TRON, the movie, was a video game trapped inside of a movie. To finally play TRON, the video game, as a video game, was definitely gratifying. It is unfortunate that Disney will never respect the TRON franchise enough to let it breathe; TRON: LEGACY just didn’t resonate with me for several reasons described elsewhere on this blog. The TRON animated show… Well, the most polite that I can describe it was that it was an “acquired” taste (“was” being the operative word since it has now been cancelled, from what I understand). So, for me, TRON, the movie & TRON 2.0, the video game, constitutes the franchise. Regardless of how the series rusts into obscurity, at least I’ll always have TRON 2.0… Now if they could only release the SDK for that game…


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