The Year of No Gaming… Day 030…

The Year of No Gaming… Day 030… after the break…

The Year of No Gaming… Day 030…

As a director once stated, movies aren’t finished… They escape. Har har.

I’m beginning to feel the same way about Personal Project #02. When do I have enough content to start concentrating on presenting it? I don’t know. When I start to “cheat” on PP #02 and flirt with possible Personal Project #03s?

Some days are better then others. Perhaps I’m just nervous with the prospect of jumping from the familiar to the unfamiliar. I’m so used to generating content now that presenting content is an alien world. Part of that nervousness is the expectation of perfection. I have to get over the fact that the product will not be perfect. My expectations are skewed when I see the works of people who have been presenting content for years. They have years of experience; I have weeks. They have professional motivation; I want to climb the mountain just to prove to myself that I can and, if I’m brave enough, to place it on my resume.


The forecast wasn’t optimistic and, even though the rains held back until late in the day, it still scared away a chunk of vendors. My loss.

  • WASTELAND – $2.50: I rarely jump outside of the PC game market but beggars can’t be choosers. Sometimes, you have to buy a game regardless of the format. I have no great love for the Commodore 64 but when a man is offloading a bunch of boxed games for what feels like a song and a dance per game… You have to take it. The Collector in me won’t walk away and neither did I. This is a classic game, regardless of the format. With a game this old, would it have even mattered if it was on the PC? For all intents and purposes, I can’t play it anyway. Everything was in excellent condition and the man didn’t know what he was selling. I love those types of vendors.
  • THE PRESIDENT IS MISSING – $2.50: This was another C64/128 game from the same vendor and the only reason why I got it was that it was shrink wrapped and comes with an audio cassette. I like older games that come with a lot of trinkets and audio cassettes are definitely a nice novelty. The game isn’t as rare as I thought but it doesn’t matter; This is heirloom and/or retirement buying.


There were a lot of background noise items. The vendor that I bought Starfleet Academy, Dragon’s Lair & X-Wing Alliance from was there with his stuff. Nothing new and everything a bit high priced. The vendor that I bought Assassin’s Creed from was there but he had nothing new or valuable enough to buy a spare from. The people that I bought the Sirtech games from was there, still trying to peddle the final copy of “Siege of Avalon” that they had. Like I wrote, just a lot of background noise. Kids crap. Someone was trying to offload every single Everquest game and expansion under the sun. Sorry… Not in the mood for MMORPGs (Yes, I bought Dark Age of Camelot but that was a momentary lapse of judgment AND it was a big box AND it was shrink wrapped AND it was a good price).


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