The Year of No Gaming… Day 027…

The Year of No Gaming… Day 027… after the break…

The Year of No Gaming… Day 027…

Am I still not playing computer games? Yup. However, I’m going to stop commenting on how I feel about not playing computer games. The truth is that there is very little addiction felt. It seems silly to write, “I don’t really feel any addiction to play a computer game,” over and over again. Therefore, unless an event truly compels some significant emotion out of me within the context of wanting to play a computer game, I’m not going to write about it.

You know that you’re progressing with your project when you start to feel compelled to back-up your work on a daily basis. There’s too much work at risk – At least two weeks worth of generating content, fine-tuning the content generation device & building prototypes for content presentation. More work, obviously, needs to be done – There’s no final, finished product but a lot of work has already been done.


Kids are stupid. I’ve been stupid. Kids will continue to be stupid. Hopefully, I’ve matured as an adult to the point where committing stupid acts is the exception, not the rule. History, as always, will be the final judge on that last part.

Before the Internet, before Bittorrent, before “Pirate Bay,” before P2P, before a lot of those things… If you wanted to steal software, you literally had to actually physically steal software… From the store. Yeah. Did I mention kids are stupid? Nowadays, if a kid wants to play “Call of Duty: Useless Subtitle Here” and doesn’t have the scratch to pay for it, all he has to do is download it from a bajillion torrent of warez sites. His (or her) friends will likely have a cracked version that they can share and personally walk it over to his house on their 1 Terabyte portable hard drives. The manual can be downloaded as a PDF file. Boxes? Who cares about game boxes except for grumpy old men pining for the days when games came on “discs” in “boxes” that had “paper manuals” inside. Get with it, Grandpa! Y2K was over a decade ago.

One of my friend’s friends (yes, that’s true and shouldn’t be in quotes) used to claim to be able to steal anything from a store. Anything. Big. Small. Expensive. Cheap. Some of us didn’t believe him. He wanted to prove his agile fingers by stealing a computer game from one of the many computer game stores in the nearby area at the time. Fine. We settled on a game (I have no idea what title it was) and then promptly filed into the computer game store to watch him perform his deed. Some of his friends acted as distractions for the store staff. Some of his friends acted as look outs. I was one of the few who just had a front row seat and I made sure it was just that.

My friend’s friend was good but the computer game store staff was better. He was able to move the software around the store but couldn’t get a good line of sight out the door. The employees kept hovering around the exit. The employees kept hovering around the customers, asking if they needed any help. The employees kept brushing off the distractors too quickly. The store was in a mall and even if he had exited the store, he would have had to have walked right past a security kiosk to reach the first mall exit. After fifteen minutes, he called it quits. Everyone left.

What had transpired was fairly stupid on all of our parts. A lot of us could have gotten into trouble. I could have gotten into trouble even though I was one of the few who was doing nothing but watching. It gave me an important lesson – The bargain bin is your friend. If it isn’t… Then you’ll simply get over your cravings for the title and move on eventually.


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