The Year of No Gaming… Day 026…

The Year of No Gaming… Day 026… after the break…

The Year of No Gaming… Day 026…

I’m nearing four weeks since I’ve played a computer game. I know, I know… I tried out a game on a tablet because someone wanted to show me their new tablet device. I tried out a game to see if an old computer that I had just bought worked sufficiently. I don’t consider that as playing a computer game. Neither incident was playing a game for leisure; One was to be polite and the other was to see if I had bought the proverbial “lemon.”

Do I miss playing computer games? A little. I won’t lie – There are moments where it would be nice to relieve the stress by becoming a warrior or a soldier or trying to solve a puzzle. However, it is nice to look at my personal projects and know that neither of those projects would be where they are without my slavish devotion to them at the expense of playing computer games.

Writing about my personal projects, PP #02 continues to grind away. There are three parts to PP #02 – Content generation, presenting the content & tinkering with a content generation mechanism. You can’t perform one task without slightly performing another. If you get too far in one task, you merely delay the inevitable job of having to work that much harder to get the other tasks up to a similar level. Working on these tasks now will make future personal projects that much easier to realize. Building the foundation for future projects is tough but it simply means that future projects will be realized that much quicker and much more effortlessly.


Losing at a game is frustrating. I remember losing several games of the arcade game “Street Fighter II” to other people. If I added it all up, I have probably lost to more people then I have won. I remember being an exchange student in Canada and simply being crushed by someone when I was playing some fighting game. Frustrating? You bet. These fighting games invited confrontation and conflict. I’m surprised that people weren’t stabbed and beaten for real over the results from some of these games. One of my friends used to put vaseline or some similar substance on the other set of controllers to discourage players from joining into the game and challenging him.

A part of me misses the atmosphere of the arcade parlor. It was a hangout for us misfits. Consoles and home computers can capture the graphics and sound of the arcade machines but can’t capture the atmosphere, the physical one-on-one interactions. I don’t miss the one-to-one competitions, though. Not a single bit. Given how arcade parlors absolutely died after consoles and computer games could match the graphics and sound of arcade games, I’m guessing that not many people liked the in-your-face competitions, either.


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