The Year of No Gaming… Day 025…

The Year of No Gaming… Day 025… after the break…

The Year of No Gaming… Day 025…

A lack of time makes for a compelling reason to skip out on gaming. Thunderstorms also add to the lack of time – I don’t need the electronics in my computer to get fried by a random lightning bolt! Say what you will about surge protectors – The safest way to keep your computer safe is to unplug it from the wall.

Personal Project #02 continues to progress. I’ve got content. I’ve got the means to display the content. Now I just need more of everything – More content and more talent to display the content. Getting the content is easy; Perfecting the art of displaying it is the hard part. There are sixth graders who can do a better job then I can with this stuff; Good for them but they better not rest on their laurels – I’m catching up.


For a time, the best stores to find PC games were discount stores. One store in particular used to receive their PC games in these large cardboard boxes; The employees didn’t care if customers like myself tore through them like an eager child on Christmas morning. On occasion, though, they would hide these boxes in various places throughout the store… Why they would hide the boxes? I have no idea. The store would sometimes hide these boxes under a table that held rugs. Trying to get to those boxes were a pain because the rugs all but blocked you from gaining access to them.

A lot of those titles, to be fair, were fairly useless. A few of those titles, though, became classics of mine.

It’s been years since the discount stores have sold PC games. That’s too bad… I miss going into those stores looking for the next great treasure…


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