The Year of No Gaming… Day 024…

The Year of No Gaming… Day 024… after the break…

The Year of No Gaming… Day 024…

It’s peculiar how a few near-misses in keeping my pledge to not play computer games makes my resolve stronger, not weaker, to resist playing computer games. At any rate, I really don’t miss them because there’s not much to miss. With each passing day, the opportunities to play an actual PC game shrinks seemingly exponentially. Technically, there are plenty of computer games out there. A few of them are even quite good, from what I understand. Yet, when you eliminate the ones locked in the Steam Tower, the others that also have some sort of weird “always on” or otherwise internet-related DRM, and the digital-onlys (because who needs something physical?)… Well, the list is pared down quite a bit. Sadly, what you’re basically left with are games from the 1994-2006 (fudge the span by a few years either way if it makes you happy) era and modern freeware titles.

To paraphrase a famous quote, I’m at the end of the beginning of Personal Project #02. I’ve got enough content to proceed but, naturally, I want more. I’ve got enough skill to add art to the content, but I want more. I’ve got enough refinement to properly filter the content, but I want more. Computer programmers might call this the end of “pre-production” and the beginning of the “alpha” stage of development. That would be more accurate then not.


How many titles do I have? Hundreds. Not a thousand or thousands, but if someone said “hundreds,” you’d be more right then wrong. One of the reasons why I don’t have “a thousand” or “thousands” is quite simple – I never really had a computer gaming store where I’ve lived. To be fair, I’ve lived near stores that have sold computer games but never a store that mainly sold computer games. The selection was always limited. The prices were always outrageous. The drive to the “real” gaming stores were always uncommon.

By the time my area received a local Gamestop, PC gaming was already on the decline. Console games ruled the shelves and PC games were only given token lip service by receiving a measly one shelf. Since that time, the PC gaming selection has shrunk even further down from one shelf to merely a few titles. I don’t even bother with that store anymore. There’s no point. All of the titles they have now are Steam-DRM, MMORPGs or female / casual games that you couldn’t give away. Oh… And “digital downloads.”

Receiving the Gamestop will always be a bittersweet memory for me. On the one hand, a bona fide computer gaming store within moments of my house. On the other hand… It may as well have been an empty store. Just another case of “Too little, too late.”


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