The Year of No Gaming… Day 023…

The Year of No Gaming… Day 023… after the break…

The Year of No Gaming… Day 023…

You know the old saying, “Stuff happens?” (Yes, I know, but I attempt to keep things parentally-approved here as much as possible) Well, setbacks happen.

If you’re not willing to accept setbacks in life then you’re not going to have a whole lot of life to experience. Setbacks happen.

I was asked to test out my Mom’s new tablet yesterday. In the process of being given a guided tour of the tablet, I was goaded into a game of Mah-Jong (or however you spell it, it’s the game with the domino-like tiles that you have to match to eliminate). Was that breaking the rule of no gaming? I wanted to be sociable and the huge selling point for a lot of people is the “swipe” mechanism where people swipe their fingers and other implements across the tablet and the screen changes appropriately as though it was flung.

I bought an antique computer earlier today and wanted to test whether or not the joystick port worked so I played a few minutes of Q-Bert on it (spoiler alert: It worked just fine). Was that breaking the rule of no gaming?

In a perfect world, both scenarios wouldn’t crop up. I don’t live in a perfect world, just this one.

I’d like to think that I haven’t broken the rule. Bent it severely? I’m sure a case could be made for that. In one instance, I didn’t want to be rude. In another, I wanted to see if my purchase was complete junk or not (spoiler alert: It’s not in pristine condition but, as they say, you get what you pay for).

Both of these incidents have steeled my resolve, though. If anything, they have had the opposite intended effect: Having seen how far I’ve come in 23 days, why turn back now? I’ve completed one small project and am progressing fairly well on a much larger one… To the extent that I’m beginning to lazily think about what I’ll do for a third project. Why throw that all away for a few hours pretending to live in a post-apocalyptic world or be some barbarian in a fantasy one or be the dictator of a growing civilization?

Games are good things. I’ll go back to them someday. For now, I want to make my mark in the real world on these personal projects.


If you read the above, you’ll know most of what happened today in the world of flea market hunting…

  • ATARI 1200XL COMPUTER – $25.00: Once I go over $10 dollars on a purchase, I get nervous. Once I buy anything involving electronics, I get nervous. Put the two together and I become a nervous wreck. Put them together in the context of antique electronics being sold at a hot, dusty flea market… Yeah. There’s a good chance that this won’t end well. There’s no law saying I needed to buy this item but early-era Atari is my home turf. It’s your home language. It’s the region of the world you live in. It’s a crashing tide to a person who surfed most of their early life or horseback riding for someone who grew up on a horse farm. The computer turns on, it plays cartridges. The keyboard? Some keys stick more then others. A few keys… I’ll just write that those keys stick a lot more then others. I’ve read online how to clean an Atari 1200xl keyboard. I’m not a surgeon by trade and that’s what I’ll have to pretend to be if I want to rejuvenate the keyboard back to it’s former glory. Maybe it stays in the box for a long time. Maybe it’s flipped for a slightly higher price somewhere down the road. Maybe I get gutsy and try to fix the keyboard problem.
  • ALONE IN THE DARK 3 – $5.00: The vendor wasn’t knowledgeable in his software. Your stuff is dirty, sir. It’s terribly old. If it wasn’t shrink-wrapped, I wouldn’t even be contemplating it. After blowing $25 dollars on a risky purchase (I didn’t know at the time whether or not I had just bought a $25 dollar nostalgic paperweight), I wasn’t going to purchase something else for near full-value. Walking away can be a powerful negotiating tool sometimes. On this occasion, it worked. The next time? Who knows.


Honestly, there wasn’t much else there that wasn’t background noise. You had your usual mix of kid’s software & sports games. The Zoo Tycoon game was still there (aka “background noise”) from last week. The vendor that I got the B&W deluxe last week didn’t appear to have shown up this week (but, admittedly, I did leave a bit earlier this week then last). Had the 1200xl not happened, maybe I would’ve been interested in some other software that the Alone in the Dark vendor had but… Who knows?


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