The Year of No Gaming… Day 022…

The Year of No Gaming… Day 022… after the break…

The Year of No Gaming… Day 022…

Personal projects aren’t meant to be easy; If they were easy, I could accomplish them whenever I want. They wouldn’t be much of a project.

Have I overreached my abilities with Personal Project #02? I don’t know. Time will eventually reveal that answer more clearly then what I can state now. For now, my overall emotion about project #02 is, “Slight overwhelmedness.” On a more positive note, I have reached the point in the project where I feel that it is not impossible for me to accomplish. Difficult? Yes. Impossible? Nope. It is just going to take a lot of work. Thoughts are already creeping into my head concerning project #03.

Oh golly… Only one darn-near impossible project at a time. Most of me doesn’t want to even dream up what is in store for me with a possible “Personal Project #03.”

THRIFT SHOP HAUL REPORT: The flea market is tomorrow but it’s not the only place to buy computer games on the cheap. Yes, we all know about the Internet but when was the last time you bought a computer game on there for really cheap that wasn’t all just 1’s and 0’s? Thrift shops are notoriously hit-or-miss for me (more miss then hit, unfortunately). Nevertheless, I do score a few computer games from them every now and then, such as the below titles that I picked up today –

  • STAR WARS: BATTLEFRONT 1 – $1.99: I already have this title in shovelware form but not the standalone title until now. Cheap price, DVD box in respectable condition, CDs were passable, manual looked decent and had the CD key on it. I’ll still use the shovelware title for me go-to version but it’s nice having the real title around.
  • SIMCITY SOCIETIES – $1.99: I’m not one for casual games for which anything “Sim” seems to have devolved into ever since “The Sims” went mega-hyper-platinum in their sales. As a result, I’m a bit ignorant of the titles and their strengths. This title is a bit of a mystery to me but, again – Cheap price, box was in good condition, DVD looked perfectly fine and the manual (with the CD key on it) looked (and smelled) as though no one had decided to wipe their butt with it. It’s a title that could go either way with me come June 1, 2014, but at least now I have that choice to make.


Games don’t “scare” me in the sense that I exhibit fear from what is shown on the screen. I might be concerned for my character but I don’t fear that a spider will, literally, jump out of the screen to attack me. I’m not hiding under my bedsheets at night. Perhaps my inability to experience fear is the reason why I just don’t understand the whole “creepy pasta” (aka “ghost stories”) phenomenon in games. There are moments in game that are “creepy” but enough to creep me out? Not even close.

One moment that was a bit creepy happened during “Vampire: Bloodlines.” This was a title that used Valve’s Source engine (the same as used in Half-Life 2). Anyway, the moment has the player watching a person from behind an oil tank (or some other horizontal tank), walk behind the tank and then, when they get to the end of the tank, disappear. You see the feet from beneath the bottom of the tank but then, when those feet reach the end of the tank, they slip past the thick supports of the tank and the whole figure disappears before you can walk around to the other end of the tank from where the figure was walking. It was a genuinely effective moment.


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