The Year of No Gaming… Day 019…

The Year of No Gaming… Day 019… after the break…

The Year of No Gaming… Day 019…

An amount of indifference hangs over my efforts to avoid playing computer games. I just don’t care for them. There really isn’t a single computer game that I would play right now. A few of the Steam-locked games would certainly be worth a look… But nothing that would outright tempt me. Hey, Valve – Unlock your games, sell them in a store for $10 dollars or less and watch me drain my bank account (OK… More like a few hundred bucks) into your pockets before your very eyes. I know that it’s not going to happen but you have to at least give them a chance, right?

PP #02 continues to chug along. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Right now, I’m building up content. In a little while, I’ll switch over to content presentation.


The first big “console wars” involved three video game companies you have probably never heard of: ColecoVision, Intellivision & Atari. A far cry from the present day Nintendo, Sony & Microsoft, right? Believe it or not, Atari didn’t have the edge in graphics – That belonged to Colecovision. If you owned a Colecovision, you owned the Cadillac of video gaming consoles for it’s time. You were the envy of your neighbor. Be prepared to make a lot of new friends at school (especially the kind that wanted to come over and play at your home).

One of my friends had a Colecovision. One of the games he had starred The Smurfs (little blue creatures that wore white hats & white pants). I remember being over at his house and he was showing me something that he could do inside the game – In the game, when the Smurf character wanted to duck, it bent over at the waist (as though picking up a flower). At the beginning of a level, there was a huge skull and my friend kept bending the Smurf character over, essentially “mooning” the skull. He thought that it was the most hilarious thing ever.


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