The Year of No Gaming… Day 017…

The Year of No Gaming… Day 017… after the break…

The Year of No Gaming… Day 017…

Another day, another day of no gaming. Despite having several game boxes within my line of sight while typing this… There is no passion to play any of them. Despite being able to play a bunch of games installed on my computer right now… I have no desire for it. At all.

PP #02 is chugging along. I can’t complain… I also can’t celebrate, but I can’t complain about the progress.


People forget what a vertical leap it was from Wolfenstein 3D-styled tech to Doom. Kids these days have first-person shooters so real that they can smell the burnt gunpowder and flinch to avoid the ejected shell casings from hitting them in the nose while firing their photo-realistic weapons. Back in my day… You were just lucky for orthogonal walls and sprite enemies.

Back in the old days, the best graphics a game had were usually reserved for the introduction screen or non-interactive cinematic scenes. That’s why it came as an absolute shock to see the first screens from “Doom.” It looked as though someone had given us a game twenty years into the future! Circular rooms? Ramps? Stairs? Elevators? It couldn’t possibly be true!!! We just stared at my friend’s computer in absolute amazement, looking at the screens over and over again.


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