The Year of No Gaming… Day 016…

The Year of No Gaming… Day 016… after the break…

The Year of No Gaming… Day 016…

Still no desire for gaming although I must admit that I’m not being as productive as I would like. There’s a bit more surfing the Internet & watching television as a result of my sabbatical from gaming. Sure, there’s also extra work as well (it is Summer, after all) but since Personal Project #01 was “completed,” I’ve been sliding just a bit too much.

I don’t know whether or not it is a good feeling to be intimidated by Personal Project #02 (PP #02). No matter how intensely I work at this project, I know that the end product will be inferior to those who have mastered the various crafts that I am studying right now. It is difficult not to look at the works of true professionals and wonder how I could even hope to be in the same room with them, never mind the same building or same zip code, for that matter. All one can do is to simply keep working at it and knowing that I don’t have to be perfect but just good enough for the audience that it was intended for.

FLEA MARKET HAUL – It was flea market day today. The net result was not good but more on that below:

  • BLACK & WHITE 1 DELUXE – $3+ DOLLARS: This was my only purchase. What’s with the “3+ dollars”? Well, it was supposed to be a $3 dollar purchase but the guy didn’t have two $1 dollar bills and shortchanged me on the coin change. Not by much, but still, it kind of stings… Anyway, literally, this was the only viable option for the week and, quite frankly, I thought that there wasn’t going to be any purchases at all. I know that I have the regular B&W 1 game somewhere (just the CD case & discs) from a last year purchase, so I consider this a nice upgrade to that. Everything looks like it is in very good condition – The box has no noticeable wear except for the usual opening / closing, the CD jewel case is clear and not worn, the CDs aren’t scratched, the serial numbers are there… Not a bad value but I don’t like getting gypped on the change.


  • STAR WARS: EMPIRE AT WAR – $20.00 : Honestly, this ought to be the joke of the week. What is the matter with vendors? Just because it has the Star Wars IP on it doesn’t mean that you can just set any old price. I got the Gold Pack of this (which includes the expansion) for less then half that price, new from a brick-and-mortar store. I didn’t even bother trying to haggle the vendor. I can virtually guarantee that this will be at the flea market next week (weather permitting).
  • ZOO TYCOON 2: COMPLETE EDITION – $3.00 : The drought was so bad at the flea market this week that I seriously considered picking this title up. I’m not one for casual / kid games so my knowledge of them is rather insufficient. I’ve since learned that this was the first of two “shovelware” editions of the game, with the latter one being the true “Everything in one package” title for Zoo Tycoon. This one just had two expansion packs bundled with the main game (and some features from a third expansion pack). I suppose if you have a child and want something safe, this isn’t a bad deal. The manual looked a little water / heat damaged (slight waviness to the pages) but nothing horrific and certainly readable. No slipcase to the CD case (I don’t know if one was ever included) and the CD case was slightly damaged (nothing deal-breaking if you’re not collecting).
  • AGE OF EMPIRES III: ASIAN DYNASTIES – $3.00: Why didn’t I get this expansion for Age of Empires III? One word… Mac. To be completely fair, the disc was loose in the box (a box, admittedly, in very good condition, with the manual and supporting documents in otherwise excellent condition) and had a few scratches on it.
  • STAR TREK: 25TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION – UNKNOWN PRICE: Why didn’t I even ask about the price for this otherwise classic computer game? One word… Mac. I didn’t even bother inspecting the game although the box looked very good given the age of the game.

There was, of course, the usual “background noise” titles – Sports games (Why, oh why do people attempt to sell these types of games?), “The Sims,” the usual dreck and misery of kids / casual games (no, I don’t want your son’s collection of crappy kids games back when he was 5-10 years old…). Hopefully, next week is a better week. We shall see.


I remember playing “Rise of the Triad” on my first PC computer, a 386/33, if I’m not mistaken. When my family received it, it was a fairly powerful computer. By the time I played “Rise of the Triad” on it, though, the gaming world had begun to pass that computer by. Game developers didn’t want to alienate players with less powerful computers. One way to allow gamers with slower computers to play their games were to make the playing screen smaller. You could reduce the playing screen down to the size of proverbial postage stamp! What was funny was that when you reduced the playing screen size down to a certain point, a prompt appeared reading, “Buy a 486!” or something like that.


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