The Year of No Gaming… Day 015…

The Year of No Gaming… Day 015… after the break…

The Year of No Gaming… Day 015…

After two whole weeks, I can begin to write that not all of my newly found spare time (thanks to not playing any games) is actually productive time. Some of the spare time has simply bled over to other “bad” habits, like watching movies, television or other mindless pursuits. Granted, some of these “bad” habits have an useful purpose – I’m notoriously horrible at recording something on the DVR (For those entities visiting us from either the far future or the distant past, a DVR is a device that records television shows digitally… Just think of it as a modern version of a VCR and you’ll be fine and, no I won’t explain what those are) and never watching it. Thusly, I have eliminated more then a few movies from the DVR.

Another bad habit that has been time-enhanced is simply trolling the Internet.

Another bad habit is having the time to write these posts.

The problem with learning things (such as what I am going through with Personal Project #02) is that you have to eventually do something with them. For instance, there is nothing wrong with learning the proper techniques on painting a house. It is a great skill to have and those who wield those paintbrushes masterfully make an awfully good living painting houses. The problem, though, lies in the fact that, once you learn how to paint a house, you need houses to paint! In other words, you need “content.” You can learn to be a television camera operator but, in order to keep that skill fresh, you need content to film so that you can practice being a television camera operator. If you learn sending and receiving morse code, then you need to have something to send and receive in morse code.

There’s only so much learning one can do before they need the “content” in order to facilitate the learning. That is why Personal Project #02 (PP #02) is so devilishly tricky; You need to learn in order to display the content competently but you need the content to display but why develop the content if you can’t display it and if you go through all of that trouble to display one piece of content, you need develop more content that you do not have… Ugh.


I am not a well-traveled person when it comes to my job career. Some people switch jobs monthly; I don’t. My father had only one job his entire adult career. Not many people can make the same claim nowadays.

My first copy of “Half Life 1” was an used copy, bought from a co-worker. Brick-and-mortar stores should relax; I’ve bought at least three other copies since then from you. The memory isn’t about the game itself but of the feeling I had when I received it. I had just quit my job (back when you could, you know, quit your job and not be considered insane for doing so) and this was the first time back inside the business I had worked at. It was such a strange feeling, walking through the business now as a customer rather then as an employee. Everyone there still treated me as a pseudo-employee, an alumni. A day or two before my final day of employ, one of my co-workers wanted me to have a copy of Half-Life 1, as he was a great advocate of the game. I remember walking in, talking with him for a few moments, receiving the game, and walking out.

I’ll never forget walking out of that business. I truly felt as though I was walking away from my youth. That it was the last time I would ever be considered “young” ever again. “Young,” of course, is relative – We are all “young” compared to a 110-year old person. Yet, I knew that the “young” here would be in practical terms, everyday & common sense terms. It was a depressing feeling and now that I am much older, I can say that the depressing feeling never truly goes away. You are always surrounded by little turning moments of your life… Moments where you know that you are advancing in age. Whenever you replace a television set or a computer. Whenever a store closes or opens that is on your route while driving to work. I just remember this one as it was one of the first.


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