The Year of No Gaming… Day 012…

The Year of No Gaming… Day 012… after the break…

The Year of No Gaming… Day 012…

Well, I broke my pledge last night… In my dreams. I dreamt that I had downloaded something called “The Romulan Mod” for the computer game Fallout: New Vegas. The mod claimed that it expanded and revamped a casino in the game and, intrigued, I decided to play it. Once I was playing the game, though, I realized, “Oh my Gosh! I’m playing a computer game! I can’t do this! I took a pledge!” Then I woke up.

Fortunately, it was all a dream. The pledge hasn’t been broken for real.

I’m being passive aggressive about formally assigning what Personal Project #2 ought to be. In my heart, I know what the project should be. It will be a big struggle, though, to actually accomplish it. The relative easy and shortness of Personal Project #01, this will certainly be not. For now, I’m performing a lot of “meta-research” about what it will take to accomplish PP #02.


Early side-scrolling adventure games have always been known for their sometimes eccentric solutions. For example, it wouldn’t be out of place in a side-scrolling adventure to hand the butler a banana so that he could walk to the garage, slip on a handkerchief which causes a nearby bird to leap off of it’s perch in surprise, releasing the key in it’s mouth that you need to give to the octopus in order for the octopus to forget all about the nuclear lollipop that it was guarding. In short, side-scrolling adventure games were sometimes an exercise of trial and error in order to get past a certain part.

Nowadays, when you’re stuck in an adventure game, the Internet is there to help. Unfortunately, the Internet was far from available during the early days of computing. When you stuck in the old days, you were stuck. OK, there were options: you could call a help line (yes, kids, companies had phone numbers that gave out hints to their games) or buy a hint guidebook where you uncovered the hint by swiping over the text with a special highlighter that revealed the text.

In my case, I remember being stuck in Space Quest I, in the area of the small desert town. Eventually, I spoke with two workers at a computer game store and they said that they would reveal the solution to my problem if I got them an order of cheese-covered fries from the food court nearby. I had to pay for the fries. I wasn’t happy about the deal but I wanted so badly to advance in the game. I got them their fries and they gave me the hint. I hope they enjoyed their fries because I never bought another game from their store ever again (not like the store lasted very long).


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